Saturday, November 28, 2009

Eldar List - 1750 pts.

This list may be considered a bit of a ‘transitional fossil’ as it still incorporates some vestigial elements of my ill-fated foot-slogger Eldar list with elements more or less standard to a traditional mech Eldar builds. Future purchases at this point will replace the guardians with jetbikes and the wraithlord with vipers. Were I a true mech’er, the dire avengers in the serpent would likely be traded out for some cheaper (though still scoring) guardians, but the prospect of lighting up people with a bladestorm of razor-sharp shuriken remains too great for my adolescent mentality to resist.

Farseer w/ 3 warlocks, jetbikes, SS, Fortune, Witness, Singing Spear (1), Eldritch, Destructor x3 (333)

Harlequins x 8 w/Troupe master, shadowseer, 4 kisses and a fusion pistol (230)

Wraithlord w/ Bright, EML (155)

Falcon w/ ScatterL, Shrk C, SS, Holo, Vector (205)
(in Falcon) Banshees x 6 w/ Exarch, executioner, acrobatic (123)

Wave Serp w/ EML, Shrk, Star Engine, SS (155)
(in WS) Dire Avengers x 10, w/ Exarch, BladeS, Defend, Diresword (172)

Guardians x 10 w/ EML (100)

Fire Prism w/ SS, Star Engine (140)

Warp-spiders x 5, w/ Exarch, extra spinner, Power Blades (137)

Total 1750

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