Sunday, November 29, 2009

New Army!

A few weeks ago I got bit by the ‘second army bug’ and decided I needed to start a new project. After much careful deliberation and a few near false starts, I decided to go with a Noise Marines list (Necrons and Deathguard were the runners-up, both losing ultimately because their play styles were a bit rigid for my taste). I’ll post my tentative 1750 list in a bit.

Noise Marines won out for a couple of reasons:

1) I already had a large stock of chaos marine bits with which I could scratch build most of my troops.
2) Slaanesh is totally hot.
3) Necrons, though offering a challenge as the underdog in their current incarnation, lacked the potential for a solid assault which I so love.
4) Deathguard, though possessed of both awesome minis AND awesome rules were both too expensive and too uber. To do this army the way I wanted would have meant getting Forge World upgrades and my loving wife is only so patient with my excesses on miniatures. Plus, though T5 and FNP make the Deathguard arguably the most resilient list in the game, they also make them one of the most whined about by opposing generals. I’ve always preferred weaker lists as they allow you to claim 100% credit when you win and to fault your ‘broken codex’ when you don’t! ☺
5) After playing the Eldar for over a year, it was time to get play someone without T3 and a +5 base save.
6) The idea of corrupted space marines who traveled around the galaxy whilst exploding people with ultra-amplified guitars ad lighting fast assaults was too great to pass up.

Mostly importantly however, was probably the fact that not too many people play them. With most CSM players favoring a mix of berserkers and deathguard, Slaanesh gets little mention; unless it’s as the obligatory two Lash Princes leading the list. (yawn) Call me old fashioned, but the idea of a mixed chaos list doesn’t sit right with my OG “daemon animosity” sensibilities. Though not as optimized as their counterparts, noise marines offer (on paper at least) the ability to take a very flexible, competitive list that can potentially excel at BOTH shooting and combat.

Finally, from a modeling aspect, the Noise marines can rival Nurgle in the possibilities for conversions and eye-catching paint jobs. As my schedule sadly permits few actual games, this feature alone will hopefully ensure my interest over the unavoidable long dry-spells of no gaming.

So without further ado, I present to you the ...

Minstrels within, Minstrels without!

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