Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Dark Elves Return!

After a long separation, me and my Dark Elves have finally been fully reunited, as the last box of my minis arrived from Chicago yesterday. Its been a painful separation for both us, and I'd almost forgotten how much I loved these little buggers.

So without further ado...

Not shown here are another 20 spearmen, 20 corsairs (old type), another repeater, two sorceresses, 8 shades, and a cold-one chariot. Not sure why I never did the bases on these, but something tells me come summertime when the new WFB edition comes out it may be time to revisit these guys once more.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Goodies to Come

With the break ahead I’ve finally got a nice chunk of time to experiment around and settle on a paint-scheme paint for my Noise Marines. I’ve been scouring the web for some ideas, and have narrowed it down to a few candidates. Anyway, I need to get these guys wrapped up because I have some daemonettes and a Christmas day Defiler that my loving (and gamer-friendly) wife got for me.

Hopefully, I have some painted minis to post up soon.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Eldar How to Guide

As I was working on getting my two Vypers ready this weekend, I thought I'd use the opportunity to do a quick, step-by-step guide on my I paint my Eldar.

Basically, with these guys I wanted a very simple scheme that didn't require extensive conversions and which could be reproduced relatively quickly. For other projects, like my Vampire Counts and Noise Marines, I spend more time with conversions and 'lavish' paint jobs; my goal with the Eldar from the start was always to have a fully-painted, battle ready force that wouldn't take 2 years to complete.

With that in mind, the color scheme is very basic: all models are painted with some variant of Shadow-Grey as their base, with highlights of white, black and scab red as 'pop' colors. Having a simplified pallet was important, as my opportunities to paint can be very hit-and-miss, so I didn't want to run risk of painting some of my troops in a custom-mixed color only to be unable to reproduce it at a later date (I'm also notorious for forgetting to write down the ratios in custom blends for latter usage...)

With this base color, 95% of the models in this army start with the same setup: a primer coat of skull white followed by a base coat of shadow grey.

From this point, a bit of variety can be inserted. For lighter models, two successively brighter highlights of Shadow Grey+Space Wolves Grey does just fine. In the case of the Vypers, I wanted to go a bit darker, so I mixed a batch of Shadow Grey plus small amounts of Liche Purple and Chaos Black and then watered this down heavily to use as an ink wash.

To keep my vehicles easy and consistent, I then trace over the model's seems with a watered down highlight mix. This part can be very tedious, but it really gives the finished models a sharp appearance. Finally, a lighter, thicker blend of the highlight s reapplied to the corners and sharp angles.

Here's an example of this technique on a 'lighter' model:

To finish, I like trying a bit of freehand designs. These can really go either way, giving the model a real stand-out appearance or spoiling a delicate blend job with a shoddy, hastily painted design. (Straight lines can be especially difficult to free-hand, so having some tape so a straightedge nearby can really help.) My only advice here is to wait to do this last bit until after the model has been completed and had time to sit for awhile. This should give adequate time to for you to consider the possibilities and to avoid rushing through the detail work at the end of an already long session.

Friday, December 18, 2009

New Eldar List -1750

My recent battle against the Orks drove home a point that I had already suspected for sometime: my foot units (guardians, wraithlord, and harlies) are badly out of place with my general strategy of avoid-and-strike-surgically. With that in mind, I’ve tweaked my list to the following:

Farseer w/ 3 warlocks, jetbikes, SS, Fortune, Witness, Ward, Singing Spear (1), Doom, Destructor x3 (353)

Vyper w/SL & SC + SS (80)

Vyper w/SL & SC + SS (80)

Falcon w/ ScatterL, Shrk C, SS, Holo, Vector (205)
(in Falcon) Banshees x 6 w/ Exarch, executioner, acrobatic (123)

Falcon w/Scatter, SS, Star (155)
(in Falcon) Fire Dragons x 6 w/Exarch, firepike (116)

Wave Serp w/ EML, Star Engine, SS (145)
(in WS) Dire Avengers x 10, w/ Exarch, BladeS, Diresword (158)

Guardians Jetbikes x 4 w/SC (98)

Guardian Jetbikes x 4 w/SC (98)

Fire Prism w/ SS, Star Engine (140)

Total 1750

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

More Green Stuff Practice

Although I like the idea of long hair and the demonic-looking speakers sculpted onto the minis, I thought the first few I did left quite a bit of room for improvement. With that in mind, I set to work on five more noise marines:

Two things I’ve learned thus far from working with green stuff thus far:

1) ALWAYS make sure that you’ve thoroughly gotten rid of that nasty piece which separates the two colors,
2) On sculpts which require smoother edges actually waiting awhile to let the putty start to set can help avoid the piece losing its overall shape.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Eldar vs. Orks: 1750

This weekend I had the opportunity to play a 1750 kills points match against Knightfall Games store owner, Chris. For those of you in the Portland area that don’t know, Knightfall Games is located near Highway 217 and Canyon road, and is, IMHO, one of the better local gaming stores around. I mean this guy gets it. For those you accustomed to thinking “rogue trader” is synonymous with things like “no product”, “crappy tables”, and “terrible customer service”, check this store out for a bit of fresh air. Seriously, this one of the better local stores I’ve seen: with over half a dozen boards with full terrain and a friendly staff/gamers to boot. Anyway, I’m a firm believer in showing local stores all the support we can, and this shop is definitely worthy of a visit.

The game was an absolute blast and I decided to use it as a test run for my video battle reports.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Bits and Pieces

In an attempt to save some scratch, I broke out some of my old models to see if I could chop them up and make something useful out of them. I’ve been debating lately a to how to proceed with my Noise Marines. My current list calls for a two 10-strong units with sonic blasters, but the Emperor’s children box currently only gives you a measly one sonic blaster and one blast master. True, you can order them online for the rather salty price of $20 for four, but I’m of the mind that we can only reward so much of GW’s greed.

The blaster masters are pieced together with some old tank parts and WFB spear shafts. I got the idea for the green-stuff speakers from this thread:


Needless to say, my sculpting skills are still a ways behind that guy’s, but I was satisfied with the results thus far:

As far as the rhino goes, this used to be a Chaos Predator that I tore into with a knife and converted into a transport. Still not sure on the colour scheme for the tank; right now I’m leaning towards black body with purple trim.