Saturday, December 5, 2009

Bits and Pieces

In an attempt to save some scratch, I broke out some of my old models to see if I could chop them up and make something useful out of them. I’ve been debating lately a to how to proceed with my Noise Marines. My current list calls for a two 10-strong units with sonic blasters, but the Emperor’s children box currently only gives you a measly one sonic blaster and one blast master. True, you can order them online for the rather salty price of $20 for four, but I’m of the mind that we can only reward so much of GW’s greed.

The blaster masters are pieced together with some old tank parts and WFB spear shafts. I got the idea for the green-stuff speakers from this thread:

Needless to say, my sculpting skills are still a ways behind that guy’s, but I was satisfied with the results thus far:

As far as the rhino goes, this used to be a Chaos Predator that I tore into with a knife and converted into a transport. Still not sure on the colour scheme for the tank; right now I’m leaning towards black body with purple trim.

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