Sunday, January 17, 2010

Halfway On...

One of the advantages of collecting an army piecemeal is that it allows you a good deal of flexibility to change up your list as well as the army’s look mid-stride if needed. Although in the initial stages of planning an army, I try to envision all of the models as being totally integrated into a seamless group of minis, the reality has always been that plans change as I continue to collect. Invariably, it takes a few models before I’m completely comfortable with a palette and ‘feel’ for the free hand details. This may not be a strictly professional approach to modeling, but does it does allow me to experiment develop new paint techniques and (hopefully) ensure that the next army project will be better.

This has happened in almost every army I’ve ever collected, and my two most recent, Eldar and Noise Marines, are no exception. Looking back on the former, you can clearly see the by earlier Guardian models that I was headed towards a lighter-colored, mostly foot-troop force. As time went on, a I began to prefer a baseline color closer to Shadow Grey, and began found that a red star motif to helped make the models ‘pop’ a bit more.

Well, halfway through the Noise Marines, I’ve become increasingly uncomfortable with the idea of doing all 20 marines and 20 demons exactly the same. While I’m generally satisfied with the finished models so far, I keep thinking that a totally uniform army is not really ‘Chaotic’ enough. With this in mind, I’ve made a bit of a departure on the next round of daemon and Noise Marine purchases.

I’ve gone with the Bloodletters for two reasons 1) the models are sweet 2) a nasty, sword-swinging daemon, if painted right, can be reflect both the heavy metal and Slaanesh themes of the army. We’ll have to see how they turn out.

The next departure I’m going to take (I think) will involve a boxed set of the new space wolves, which I will blend with my CSM parts in order to make a gruff, death metal unit. Though they will get sonic blasters and green-stuffed speakers like their goth metal counterparts, I’m thinking I’ll keep their colors mostly black.


  1. The Bloodletters are definitely sweet. To make them more Slaaneshi though, I would snip off the horns and shave most facial features off as well. They would look absolutely horrific with the smooth elongated head, tenticular tongue, and no face.

    I haven't seen the new Space Wolves yet but I would imagine they would fit right in nicely.

  2. Okay, new rule: No more good ideas AFTER I've put the unbreakable plastic glue on.

    As I'm going to have to spend a few hours green stuffing the gaps on these however (the BLs didn't seem to fit together as nicely as there Daemonette counterparts) perhaps a few modifications are not totally out of the question.