Saturday, February 27, 2010

Almost There

Here's a quick pic of the army before they went into my luggage. I'm still gonna try and at least finish the sorcerer before leaving.

Sonic Wolves Van

With an impending trip to Chicago only two weeks away, I'm in a mad dash to try and complete my army. Below are the pictures of the rhino which will serve as the transport for my fallen Space Wolves.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

I think I'll call him Bill.

I have no quarrel with the rather excellent defiler model, but I thought for my second Defiler I would use a soul-grinder proxy as 1) I really like this model too 2) the demon torso goes well with the theme of my daemon-heavy list. The skin took about 6 different blends, but the end result was worth the effort, I think.

P.S. - just as with the other defiler, I've magnetized the top and bottom half so that they are detachable. This one fits even better than the first. I'm definitely sold on the magnets.

Take That, Blood-God

I decided to mix things up a bit by using bloodletters for my second set f daemons. To make them look more slaaneshi, I carved down the khorne runes and used a pastel tone. While I really like the color, I'm very disappointed in the model lines on these (esp. on the heads). In hindsight, I should have slowed down a bit and green-stuffed the gaps. Having exclusively used black undercoat up to this point, I forgot how unforgiving white primer is on these type of flaws.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

El Profandador del Chaos

Managed to get my first defiler done this week. I'm pleased with the final outcome, and think the effect of the free-hand flowers goes well with the screaming speaker faces. This was also my first magnetized model, capable breaking down into two pieces: