Saturday, April 10, 2010

Minstrels vs Space Wolves 1750

This video ended up being a bit short considering the game ran a full seven turns. I confess that towards the end of the match things were getting down to the wire and I forgot to take as many pictures as I should have.


  1. Nice. Love the Ministry soundtrack to the whole thing.

    Anyhow, good to see them noise marines et al are paying off for you. You don't mind if I take a little bit of credit for the inspiration, do ya? ;)

    But yeah, it's hard to contend with a good slaanesh army. Not only is it metal and sweet, but it also becomes very adaptable on the battlefield, ensuring victory through both simplicity and excellence. Grats on the success.


  2. Thanks Steve!

    Sadly, this victory was followed by a series of rather humbling 'non-victories'. I've studied my books, done some adjusting and am back on the win train however. I'll try and get some new posts up soon.

    And yes, full props to you for the theme inspiration. :)