Friday, October 22, 2010

It's Like a Cross between Reincarnation and Cannibalism

So I’ll let you in on a little secret: I have a thing for bits. Sure every gamer doesn’t mind trimming a few extras off the sprues every now and then, but I’m slightly more thorough in my approach to leftovers. I keep it all. Every last damn head, weapon accessory, combat knife – you name it. Hell, I even chop up the damn sprues themselves, because well, you just never know.

And that’s just on the intake side of things. Bits in my collection are subject to their own kind of First Law of Thermodynamics – they are never created nor destroyed, only stripped down and recycled back into my boxes like a used human battery ala The Matrix.

Problem is, after awhile your “bits box” becomes so full that searching through it is an inaccurate and unwieldy process. About 4 years ago however, I struck onto a solution for my little grey, plastic woes.

You can buy organizers like these in the electronics section of just about any hardware store for around $10. Trust me, you are going to make that $10 back many, many times over.

Besides the obvious extra piece here and there for the occasional conversation, you can actually build entire units from scratch if you are organized and fastidious enough with your bits. Take this weekend - I managed to build 16 Berserkers completely from scratch.

Similarly, you can low-ball bid items on eBay that most people won’t touch, because you know that squared safely away in your closet you have just the piece to fix that.

As an added bonus for us slightly compulsive personality types, these bits boxes (or “The Archive” as I affectionately refer to my cache) allow nearly endless cycles for organization and reorganization. Should you organize by function, i.e., right arms, left arms, torsos, etc. or are you the ‘thematic’ type, i.e., chaos-like bits, undead things, etc.? Go wild, its your party.

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  1. Personally I got sick of searching through myriad small pieces for that one bit I need, so years ago went for keeping sprues. Sure, if there's only one or two bits I'll trim it down some, but most sprues I keep intact once I've used what I need. Then if I suddenly want a Catachan left arm, I go looking for the Catachan sprues. Far easier to find! I then go through those till I find one which still has the arm I need.

    Admittedly it takes up a bunch more space this way, I have a shelfing unit with 5 crates of sprues in the spare room. But if the space is available, why not make use of it? :oP