Saturday, October 23, 2010

M[e]n of War

For my berserkers, I wanted a look that was distinctively ‘assaultish’ but still matched the theme of my army. With this in mind, I used pieces from space wolves, the berserker box and regular CSM. This kept the models in theme with my Noise Marines, whilst still giving them a more vicious edge. I also added some green stuff hair onto a few of the models in order to further tie them in with my death metal themed noise marines.

No official decision yet on the color, but at this point the typical Khorne colors of red and brass are out. I like the look on it’s own, but standing next to my lavender guys, they’re not going to mesh well. I’m thinking just a simple dark grey and black scheme with the same purplish skin I’ve used for the marines. That should make them different enough, but still cohesive with the whole. As a added bonus, my ‘khorne’ rhinos will be able to do double duty with my strictly Noise Marine builds, hopefully giving me more flexibility with both armies.

The objectives were made out of some extra bits. I figured, as much time as I spent painting the army, it’s a bit silly to sill be using poker chips and quarters some objectives.

Finally, I’ve gotten the airbrush that my sister sent me out of the closet and started reassembling it. I’ve got some (hopefully) good idea for my next couple tanks, but more on that later.

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