Saturday, November 20, 2010

Knightfall Games 40k RTT: Tournament Highlights

Considering this was my first tournament, things went well. I admit I was not prepared for the alternate scenarios they used, and this threw me off a bit, as well getting acclimated to playing for primary and secondary objectives. Some slow playing on my part on game two led me to have to rush from that table face my next opponent- literally reading the next scenario rules as he was deploying. Not optimal to say the least, but that's what I get for taking so many friggin blast weapons I suppose. I'll review my list in a later post, here I just want to touch on the events of the day.

Game One vs Necrons

This was basically a varent of spearhead with capture and control bases, with the added bonus of three randomly moving objectives (turkeys) which had to be taken from center board back to our respective bases. Extra points were awarded for capturing the opponents turkeys. This mission was an absolute disaster for me from the get go; as a combination of poor planning, terrible deployment and an inadequate list structure led to one of the worst defeats I've ever had. Had bad you ask? I didn’t remove a single one of my opponent's models in six turns of play. You really have to try and suck that hard.

So my postmortem: Putting the landraider out front and center cost me the game. Period. He went first and immobilized it, forcing the rest of my tanks to spend the entire game making long moves toward the flanks (you know, away from the objectives). Kharn and his crew briefly grabbed two of the objectives, but without fire support, they were slaughtered by the combined power of the Deceiver, a Monolith, and some immortals. My opponents performed perfectly- sloowing my tanks to a crawl and immobilizing them with massed S6 gauss fire. I think the final battle points was something like 14-1. I admit that after this game, I thought it was going to be a long, long day.

Game Two vs Tau

Similar type mission to game one, with this time a stationary objective in center board in which points were awarded for total capture and keeping opposing troops away from it. Here my head was a little less up my ass, but with only one objective, it meant either a mosh pit in the center or a shoot-out, niether of which I would be great at.. I got first turn, and my opponent made a mistake, IMO, by deploying way too far forward. This had the result of allowing my chosen to deploy 18" away, running up and melta gunning her piranhas turn one. Overall , I did well and my units all performed how they were supposed to: Chosen and LR kept my opponent distracted, Kharn did some Kharny things, and my preds and rhinos havoc'd the shit out of anything they could see. i even held the objective for the majority of the game. Unfortunately, I just did not have enough firepower/assault strength to keep the mechanized Tau away from the one objective. The game ended in a draw, but because of the bloody fighting in the center, we both racked up enough kill points to stay in the tourney overall.

Game Three vs Mech Eldar

Now this was more like it. Pitched battle with what amounted to Kill Points, only with heavy support weighted 3 points rather than one. Truthfully, at the start of this one I was expecting to get wiped out ala game one: my opponent had three fortuned/guided falcons, a torrent of EML and shurkien cannon fire coming from wave serpents, all in AV 12 with the standard shields and holo-fields. Two things proved crucial mid to late game however. My opponent did not have anything to deal with my LR (no brightlances, only one fire dragon unit) or my AV 13 preds. I sat mid to right center which kept my blast masters and preds in range all game, and I was able to use my emptied out Chosens' rhinos as blockers. Eventually, my LR was able to chase down his left flank and my blastmaster spam was able to by steady attrition take down three Serpents and a Falcon (all with S8 shooting, just goes to prove if you roll the dice enough...) In the end, the game proved a technical victory for me, but it was hardly a decisive one.

Final thoughts. Overall, it was a great day of gaming, even if I didn't crush all before me. All my opponents were great to play against both on and off the table and I've got plenty of good info to tweak my list with for the next go. The format of the tourney worked relatively well, if I had one quibble, I wished we could have had more time to see the scenarios: If not a few days prior to the game, then at least when we arrived. That said, since everyone played by the same rules at least we were all equally unprepared.

So all that left is time for listhammering, painting and maybe put together a dorky batt rep or two.

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