Thursday, November 18, 2010

There Will Be Blood...and Dice Rolling

So with less than 48 hours to go until tournament time, I feel reasonably prepared: my list has been checked and double-checked, I’ve given the rulebook a good once over (including the new FAQ), and have been running through a few scenarios in my head against some typical lists from other armies.

Not surprisingly, in my head I usually come out the victor in these hypotheticals, but there are a few I’m still having trouble with:

1) The “Leafblower” (IG gunline) – Even though I can hide totally off board and thus (hopefully) come in on one corner with the assistance of some outflanking Chosen, I’m not sure this will be effective in anything but KP scenarios. Even then, with the IGs overwhelming fire superiority, they should be able to rack up a few easy points early on, leaving me struggling to play catch-up mid to late game not one of Chaos’ stronger suits. In objective missions, I may be able to coax my opponent out with a few well-placed objectives mid board. That said, if there are only 3 objectives or if we are playing a capture an control mission, my only real hope is to take out his Fast Attack choices early on and fight for a tie: not something you want to do in a tourney.

2) “Razorspam” – Here the problem will likely be that my opponent is simply going to be putting out more units than I can deal with. Added to that is the problem of Fast Attack: A good Razorspam list also has 2-3 speeders (at 2k they should pack 3) which will require attention early on, leaving my opponent’s Razorbacks free to claim objectives and take pot shots at my crappy rhinos. The best counter I can think of is pushing at least two units of Chosen up midfield via infiltrate in order to create ‘danger zones’ around which he must move his speeders or risk two meltaguns and flame templates. This will hopefully buy me enough time to either put down the speeders or to move my Raider far enough forward that he then needs to turn his fire to that threat.

3) “Null NIds” – With the massive amount of template and blast weapons in my list, I feel pretty confident taking on most horde armies in a straight-up fight. This Tyranid list, however, poses problems in that in has both outflanking stealers and large, nasty buggies appearing in my backfield. True I have a Lash Sorc, but with SitW, I can’t count on it (esp against “super Tyrgons”). Kharn and my Serkers can handle a big bug or two, but if the Tyranids are deepstriking they will likely do so away from this unit; leaving me the choice of running my assault troops halfway across the board and likely leaving my center unprotected. Should I face one of these lists, I’ll likely ‘circle the wagons’ – drawing my tanks into a tight, deep-strike proof formation that will (hopefully) be able to put massed fire on anything coming in a taking out one of the outer tanks.

Anyway those are the ones that come immediately to mind, but its always the one you don’t see coming that really nails you…

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