Thursday, December 23, 2010

Do Necrons Dream of Electric Marines?

So I’ve been mulling over (less generous people might say obsessively so) the idea of picking a new army. I still really enjoy playing Chaos and definitely think there are a few more lists still to write for this army, but I've been doing them for well over a year now and its time to move on to something different.

My criteria for the next army was pretty simple: I wanted something that wasn't a 3+ army, that had a 5th ed. codex, and that had great models. The main contenders thus far have been Tyranids, Dark Eldar and Necrons; the first two of which fit the mold very well.

Naturally I choose the third option.

I'm know I'm raking a bit of a gamble with an army whose release has not been confirmed by GW yet, as it could very well be another 2 years before we see a Necron codex; and thus they would not meet my 5th ed. criteria or the model criteria noted above. Furthermore, there is the chance that the new codex will be a dud or there will be some glaring defect with their new rules/army composition. Given the consistent tenor of solid releases GW has been making over the last year however, I think this is not very likely to happen. Even so, with the money spent on a new army its always a chance.

Truthfully, I'd still like to have a bug army or some DE down the road, but with the prices of minis and my budget, I need to stay focused. One set of villains at a time.

So why Necrons?

From a fluff standpoint, I've always liked their feel. Of all the 'evil' armies, Necrons are arguably the most depraved - and that wins big points with me. All the rest of the bad guys have a motive for their mischief: Tyranids are ravenous bugs who don't know better, DEs are at heart just some emo kids who got mixed up with the wrong crowd, and Chaos is, IMHO, almost an anti-hero when compared to the totalitarian theocracy of the Imperium. Necrons? Well they are just plain mean. They entered this world in a harsh star system which gave them nothing but ashes and spite, and they've been lashing out at the galaxy ever since. Sign me up.

And while I hear a lot of griping on the interwebs about the 'Crons being 'souless', frankly I don't see it. There are at least a dozen good sci-fi movies showing the 'human side' of robots gone bad, and besides: at their core they are really just space undead, and undead are chock full of personality.

Modeling wise, their mins aren't too bad looking, with the exception that being an older army they still have quite a few metal models. I imagine this will resolve itself with the new relase, so this really isn't a huge drawback. Haven't settled on a conversation theme and paint scheme yet, but that's a topic for another post.

From a play-style standpoint, I also like their form. For one, they are a nice break from the mech madness that still permeates so much of the 40k universe. In addition, I like the hyper-mobility offered by their jetbike destroyers, their ability to phase in and out, and their ability to use Monoliths as onfield transports. Not unlike Eldar, this is a hit fast and run army, but with their WBB and generally higher toughness, they can actually absorb some punishment. Plus, I think that if the new codex adds some assault options, they are going to have some real interesting builds to throw out.

Finally, their battalions are still a good deal for the money, and investing in 2 now will give me a good leg up on the competition when the codex arrives.

So there it is. My first box set is already on order with my FLGS, and will be here w/i the week. Now it's off for an orgy of Google image searches and pondering a paint scheme...


  1. That's cool. I've been playing Necrons for a few years although recently they have semi-retired. I still think that the model range is awesome though and it's the only army I've fully painted! Can't wait for them to get a new codex so I can field them on the tabletop once more!

  2. Well here's to hoping they drop after the Grey Knights like everyone thinks they will.

    BTW - checked out your blog - some great stuff there! I see that you are a Rotting Christ fan as well. They're coming to my neck of the woods in March and I can't wait to see them!

  3. Cheers! American metalheads are awesome! If you like Greek extreme metal bands why don't you check mine too and tell me what you think : :D

  4. Wow, sorry to be so distracted. I actually wanted to comment on the title of this post. It reminded me of the lyrics to a particular song called robot dreams. Interesting stuff. Here's a link if you wanted to check it out, it may be entirely coincidence.
    (particularly the little vocal blurb at 3:05)

  5. Now that i've done a little more reasearch into it, it's more likely this post title came from the book "Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?" which became the basis for the movie blade runner... anyways now that i've read through the post. Very cool, i'm looking forward to when the Necrons get a little more attention.