Monday, December 20, 2010

Necron Rumors...

Johnny Five. Currently tougher than the average Necron foot troop.

So I know by now I'm almost two weeks behind the curve on this story, but I've been intrigued by the latest set on Necron rumors and, as I’m in the process of selecting a new army, thought I’d put in my own two cents. Without further ado:

New Codex drops mid year.
Let’s hope so.

WBB changes to FNP for “most” units
Given my druthers, I like the fluff of WBB, but I understand the want to move to a Universal Special Rule.

New HQ options include “One” new C’Tan. .
Not a fan of hero-hammer, and think C’tan would be cooler if left to the imagination.

Nightbringer and Deceiver to get new models…and at least one will have optional “incarnations”
See above.

New Tomb Spider plastic model. option to create alternate model that is Heavy artillery.
Um… yes please.

New fast cc focus unit. jump infantry. warrior sized.
Is this going to be a remake of wraiths? Let’s hope it’s a sign GW is going to revive the more assaulty elements of the old ‘dex. Speaking of which, Flayed ones might make a nice plastic kit…

New models for immortals.
Stands to reason. My guess is they will be plastic too.

New “tank” – could be the TS based artillery just referenced from different source.
I’d be surprised if they added anything that had an AV value, as it would stick out like a sore thumb (and make an easy target to boot). The monolith excepted, of course. Personally, I think they can easily fix the Necron’s mobility issues by allowing more ‘portals’ on the field.

new MC walker – likely the rumored “Necronmancer” – may be HQ or Heavy-conflicting rumors here.
If its anything like the Forge world Tomb Stalker this will be sweet. Again, more MCs would be nice as they would help give some more aggressive tactical options.

New plastic Lord with all options.

New named Lord metal blister. .
While the kit would be nice, what Crons really need is some HQ choices ala 5th – HQ’s that encourage alternate list building by allowing changes to the FOC. This is what Necron’s really need: rules that help them move away from the monobuilds they are currently stuck in, and allow them better longevity (both on and off the board).

New Monolith option…not represented in models to be released.

Given GW's current consistency with solid releases, I think there is little to fear from being saddled with a 'mono-build' codex, but with the amount of money ($500?) needed to complete a new army, the more reassurance the better.

While these rumors are tantalizing, I’m going to keep saving my money and wait a few more weeks before committing to anything for sure.

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