Saturday, January 15, 2011

1500 Noise Marine Hybrid List

So after a bit of miss-speculation about the tourney coming up next weekend, it’s finally been settled: 4 rounds @1500 points.

As I’ve said previously, I think Chaos works better at these lower levels as it prevents 5th ed. armies from taking advantage of their more robust FOC (fast attack esp.)

Let’s get at it:

1500 Point Tourney List

1 Daemon Prince w/ wings, MoS (135)
1 Daemon Prince w/ wings, MoS, Lash (155)

3 Terminators w/ combi-melta x 2, H flamer (105)
3 Terminators w/ combi-melta x 2, H flamer (105)
5 Chosen w/ meltagun x 2, flamer x 2, IoCG, Rhino (165)

5 Noise Marines w/ sonic x 4, champ w/ doom siren, icon, Rhino (190)
5 Noise Marines w/ sonic x 4, champ w/ doom siren, icon, Rhino (190)
5 Noise Marines w/ sonic x 5, icon, Rhino (165)
5 Daemons (65)

1 Obliterator (75)
1 Obliterator (75)
1 Obliterator (75)


A few differences from the 1000 point version of the list. After some contemplation, I added rhinos for all the NM and the Chosen. The mobility and template protection they offer is just too good, even if with only 4 people will be able to concentrate anti-mech fire on them. The overall plan remains the same: demech with oblits and suicide termies, distract with chosen and DPs, and run midfield and sweep and clear with the Noise Marines. While the NMs are no plague marines when it comes to midfield resilience, they are able to dump out a lot of fire with those sonic blasters, and with the doom sirens, they should sacre anyone running MSU squads from getting too close.

Finally: I probably won’t be doing video battle reps on this tourney. Rumor has it that some competitive players are coming down to join in and I really want to play at 100%. I may still snap a picture or two though.

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