Sunday, January 23, 2011

1500 pt. Tourney Win! (and Report)

I’m pleased to say that I have won this weekend’s 1500 pt tourney at my local LGS, Knightfall Games. Of course, this was the one time that I didn’t use my camera to compulsively take pictures throughout the matches, so written run-down of each game will have to do. If your interested, my list can be found here.

Round One: CSM vs Eldar

My opponent was running a mostly mechanized Eldar list with pathfinders for troops and Elrad and an Avatar for HQs. Mission was a variant of Capture and Control where KPs were counted as modifiers. For some reason, my opponent setup with only his Avatar guarding his base and most of his tanks castled in the opposite corner. I placed my base directly opposite his and put a diversionary squad in cover over by his tanks to keep them occupied. The game went well: my DPs had no problem pulling his Avatar out and pummeling him, while my suicide termies caused enough mayhem midgame with his tanks to distract a lot of his attention (that is except for the squad that got sucked into the warp ‘cause I got greedy a struck them near a board edge). In the end, despite me holding one objective and contesting another, the match ended as a ‘draw’ due to him getting more KPs. It pays to read the mission thoroughly before starting I guess…

Round Two: CSM vs Orks

This was the mission everyone called the “Draw Round” as the victory conditions were nigh impossible to achieve without tabling your opponent. Basically, to win you had to keep your opponent out of your deployment zone whilst having troops in theirs. I decided before even setting up to ignore the primary and go for secondary (killing heavy and fast choices) and KPs. He was running masses of boyz shielded by walls of Killa Kans and supported by Lootas. Basically, I just castled on my flank and shot his army piecemeal. In hindsight I should have been more aggressive and pushed my troops into the teeth of his flank; as he was deployed evenly across his zone and would not have been able to react in time. Not surprisingly, the match was a “draw”, but I was able to squeeze out a lot of secondary objectives and KPs as I had hoped.

Round Three: CSM vs IG

This was probably my most nerve-wracking match of the day. My opponent was playing full mech, with 4 chimeras, 2 russes w/ battle cannons, 2 russes with exterminators, and a demolisher. The mission was 5 objectives, and I figured he would sit on his back line and pound me to dust, then rushing forward to take what was leftover. I placed my objectives midfield, and he did the same. Cleverly, he forced me to take first turn. I reserved everything and so did he (also clever). As he planned, my deep strikers showed up when most of his stuff was still off board. By T3, I was certain I was going to get tabled. He got unlucky however, and basically none of his tanks showed until turn 3-4. This allowed me to dig in and hold. By T4, I had all five objectives and had torn up a few of his tanks – but all my oblits were dead, my termies were gone, and my Chosen were getting pounded. T5 saw me up 4-1, and I prayed to the dice gods that the game would end, but we ended up going a full seven rounds. In the end, he won 2-1, but with the secondaries I was able to mitigate this to a “draw.” (As an aside, I think he played a great game, and recovered beautifully from some bad luck – it should have been a win for him.)

Round Four: CSM vs Biker Marines

Last round saw me against a biker list in yet another Capture and Control variant. This time I did it right, and reserved everything. My opponent - who was probably one of the nicer people I’ve played against - fell into the trap. He sent half his bikers and speeders after my objective, kept half on his. I brought everything in on my base ala deep strike and reserve and took out and entire wing of his army in one turn. He tried to counterattack, but more of my reserves rolled in while he was redeploying and took out another ¼ of his force. The game ended before I could speed a rhino over to his base (only 6” away…), but with KPs and secondaries I scored a “Solid Victory”.


In the big picture, some lucky things happened which allowed me to win. Chance allowed me not to play the fully meched (including 5 venoms, and tons of raiders) D.E. army which I was neither studied enough on their rules for, nor suppression fire heavy enough to deal with. Also, I missed being matched up against a spore Tyranid list which I think would have certainly given me trouble. They both ended up fairing well, but still having one big loss each, which allowed me to hold the lead with what amounted to 3 technical draws and a victory.

Even so, I’ll admit I’m pretty stoked about the results: not only was this my first tourney victory, but it was with a non-Nurgle Chaos list. As an added bonus, my opponents were all great sports, and the atmosphere in general was very positive. Plus, with my prize money I was able to get second Necron battlion box a full month ahead of schedule at no cost to me!


  1. Rock indeed.

    Nice to see people doing well with Chaos; that book bores me to death, but it gets such a terrible rap that any success with it still warms my cockles a bit.

    Good job on managing that Guard army, too - that had CHAOS GO HOME written all over it and you did well to stand up to it at all.

  2. i saw the picture posted on this post and i love your paint scheme.. can you post a tutorial on how to paint them?

  3. @chayson - started to reply but it got too long for a comment. I wrote a post trying to answer your question instead. Cheers - Professor