Saturday, January 15, 2011

How to Kill It: CSM vs Crisis Suits

Insulting Description/Nickname: Robo-Frogs, XV8 Crisis Douche. The tyranny of the right angle made manifest.

Threat To: Threat To: elite infantry, light armor (suppression). Versatile weapons platform which is mobile, able to hide, and able to poop out a lot of shots. Generally loaded out with missile pods/plasma rifles, once you get within 24" of these guys you’re in trouble. Making matters more annoying, they will likely use the jump-shoot-jump rule for jetpacks to snipe your units and then retreat out of LOS.

Shooting It: If a Tau player gives you a clear shot at one of these go for it, chances are they won't. With T4 and 3+ they will basically fall to anything a MEQ will, including massed small arms fire. Note as well that with W2 each, if you can spare a few high AP, S8+ shots you should be able to make short work of them. The best way to hunt these is to flank them with something (i.e., deepstriking termies, chosen, or bikers) or to place units at 90 degree angles to them that way they will always be exposed to the fire of at least one unit.

Assaulting It: Most definitely. Their combat stats suck so if you get within charge range by alls means do. Because their shooting is so good, 99% you are going to be better off trading assault dice with them rather than shooting ones. Also keep in mind that as long as they are fighting they can't shoot. Its getting close that is the tricky part. With the Tau’s plasma rifles, plague marines won’t be able to do their usual ‘walk midfield through a hail of fire shtick’. Rushing a rhino at them is an option, but sending just one is folly: they can easily put out enough fire to stop you outside of 12”, demech you and then plasma you. Best bet is to use anything with a long charge range: bikers and characters with jump-packs or mounted on beasts come immediately to mind.

Tips and Tricks: Generally when shooting things the rule is go at it with everything you got. With these guys, I'd make an exception. A canny Tau player will very rarely leave them in the open, so generally you'll probably only get one or two units to shoot at them. Even so, take it: because XV8's travel in small groups they are very vulnerable to morale tests, even if you only kill one. With Ld8 they have about a 28% chance of running away. As an added bonus, if your opponent decided to skimp on the bonding knife and they are less than 50%, they will jump themselves right off the board. So much the better.

Given the Tau’s piss-poor psy defenses, giving them a lick with the lash is an attractive option, as is bolt of change as it will insta kill them nicely.

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