Thursday, January 13, 2011

How to Kill It: CSM vs Thunderwolf Cav.

I starting what I hope will be an ongoing feature for this blog. Let me know what you think…

Insulting Description/Nickname:Several hundred pounds of half-retarded dog meat. Also, a thunderwolf.

Threat To: Anything it can assault. Also a threat to people with a weak willing suspension of disbelief. Because cavalry in the 40th millieum is pushing it, but a dude riding big wolf is a bit silly, even by George Lucas standards.

Shooting It: By far the best way of dealing with these things, as it saves you the trouble of figuring out how to fight it. They come standard with T5, W2 and 3+; which can further be upgraded to 3++. That means there is little we have that can instant kill them outright (Vindicator), and that they are going to take considerable amount of fire to do it. Fortunately, the rest of the space wolf list totally sucks so you can just concentrate your fire on the TWC and ignore, the longfangs, LazPlazRaz™, and their rune priests.

My gut thinking goes one of two ways: If they are just the standard 3+ TWC, it would be worth sicking some heavy stuff on them like your AC/LC preds, or oblits, or havocs. If they have 3++ that means a lot of your high point cost shots are going to get absorbed. That being the case, I’d go with the torrent option – bolters, sonic blasters, or templates that cover more than one.

Assaulting It: Um no. These come with 5 WS4 I4 rending attacks, and you are lucky if they are **only** carrying power swords. You probably won’t have anything that matches that, esp. if they are rolling 3++ style. If they are running 3+, torrent attacks (berserkers), or save negating heavies (dreadnoughts and defilers) are perfect. Otherwise, best bet is to lure them away with throw away units (bring forth the lesser daemons!) or to get them whittled down so far that a lucky attack will fell the last man standing. Tarpitting isn’t an option, as these guys will eat your TP unit way too fast. Speed bumping (cheaper the better) is a better option, as it stops movement and, most likely, will leave the TWC out in the open on your turn.

Tips and Tricks: Movement blocking is key. Use those rhinos to create walls they have to go around. TWC are expensive- esp. the 3++ with hammers build- and they have little shooting. Every turn they are not fighting is wasting your opponent’s resources. Also, keep in mind that these do not have move through cover, so putting a piece of area terrain between you and them is a good option as well.

Barring that, you can buy some bloodletters riding bloodcrushers, declare your list a rogue SW chapter and get some TWC of your own. If you can’t beat them…

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