Tuesday, January 18, 2011

How to Kill It: CSM vs Trygons

Insulting Description/Nickname: We generally do not taunt Trygons. Plus, it's late and I can’t think of anything funny right now.

Threat To: Bill Paxton. Anything it assaults. Against your average guys these will throw 7 hit on 3+ (with-re-roll), wound 2+, no armor save attacks. When hitting him back you have to beat T6 and 3+ save. And you have to do this six times before it dies. In short, your average MEQ squad will be swallowed whole and half through this thing’s Malpighian tubules before they even realize they are dead.

Shooting It: By far the best way not to become a fecal pellet, is to shoot the Trygon, but it will take some concentration to get it, so make sure this is what you want to kill. Here having a squad of plasma Chosen can really come in handy, as 4 rapid firing plasma guns and a few misc shots should make short work of one. If you have a oblit or two nearby that can lend some TL plasma, so much the better. Whatever you use, you’ll probably want to save your small arms fire for last: it takes about 28 bolter shots to reliably cause one wound on a Trygon, and chances are these rounds will be better spent on the smaller bugs racing towards you.

Assaulting It: The only circumstance in which you should try to assault one of these is when it has one, maybe two wounds left. Even then, keep in mind they have I4 so will be going at before your defilers and dreads (if its packing toxin sacs). Against a basic Trygon, a warp-timed DP will likely put a few wounds on it, just hope it doesn’t get to swing back. A force weapon from you sorc may get a lucky kill on one of these, but that’s a big risk, small chance of success scenario.

Otherwise, if you can’t win against whatever it is fighting, try and at least make it so the Trygon will be out of place or out of cover once its bloody work is done; i.e., move your doomed unit away from the rest of your force.

Tips and Tricks: Keep in mind these things will not be affected by intervening models and impassable terrain when deep striking. Board-edge induced mishaps still apply however, so castling back can work against a Trygon deep strike.

Also, these have fleet, and move through cover. Essentially they have a threat range of about 16” on average, 18” max.

The best way to deal with these is target priority. The Achilles heel of the Tyrgon is that they are expensive (at least 200 points each) and they take a heavy slot. If your opponent is running two, that means a substantial less number of bugs (and less suppression fire) on the board. If they deep strike, take advantage of the turn they are off board to try and neutralize a Tyrant or Tervigon.

If they aren’t primes (who have SitW), then lash is another great option for either pushing them back out of the way for a turn, or for pulling them into no-mans land where they can be bathed in hot plasma. Keep in mind that it’s instinctive behavior is to eat you, so luring it out of synapse isn’t exactly a win.

Finally, consider using a rhino hull to tank shock them. This forces a dubious choice for the Tyranid player. Either they a) accept the shock and get moved out of the way (and hopefully now have a rhino hull between them and you) or they b) go for the death or glory. This last option isn’t as bad for you as it sounds. Remember they only get one attack on a DoG, and it HAS to stop you. With S6, they have a better than 16% chance of dying outright, as they still go splat if they biff their armor pen roll. If you are using a Pred to do this, their chance of death goes up to 41%. That doesn’t sound like great odds for you, but I’d wager it’s a damn sight better than the odds you will get if you let the thing run up and throw 7 attacks at your rear armor next turn…


  1. Great article! Of course, we should keep in mind that these beasts are very hard to get into cover (being Monstrous Creatures), meaning that, combined with their inability to assault the turn they arrive, we get a whole turn to move everything as far away as we can, except our Obliterators, which can plasma-rapid-fire its chitinous behind into oblivion ;)

  2. Kharn The Betrayer has made mincemeat out of these guys in assault (especially if they have about 4 wounds left) - as have Khorne Berzerkers with a power fist in there.

  3. @Tzif - thanks, and good points on the cover.

    @ TIC - Agree completely on Kharn and a good catch there. As for p-fists, they can certainly inflict some damage on MCs, but in most cases I'd prefer to strike before having to soak the 4-5 wounds these beasties can deal out.