Wednesday, January 26, 2011

"No necron release?"

Those of you whose obsession with 40k rumors doesn’t quite qualify you for your own TLC show may not have found this tidbit posted up a few days ago. Thought I’d pass it on.

The whole thing is primarily about flyers (meh), but there was one snip-it us Robo-philes zeroed in on:

“No necron release?”

And commence the interwebz a spinning. Yes, stickmonkey has been known to score a few hits when it comes to predicting releases, but let us not forget that predicting GW releases is still about as scientific as sun sign astrology: let’s not hit the panic button jus yet. Hell even his post has a “?”

I’m Ron Burgundy?

I could wax on about all the reasons why Necrons should be next, or counter with other rumors saying the book is definitely due Q2-3, but the fact stands that “ought” and “is” are two different things, and GW has been amazingly good at holding their cards very, very close.

So what are we to do in the meantime? My advice: if you like Necrons, play them and to hell with trying to predict with 100% certitude what is going to happen post Grey Knights. Personally, I’m confining my purchases to existing plastics and an occasional good e-Bay deal; which should be a safe bet no matter what happens.

Only once that “Incoming” email lands than we will know for sure, and then we can start the all important phase two: rampant speculation on the new rules.


  1. I think that means "no necron flyer"...

  2. In hindsight you are probably right: I first found the rumor on LIbrarium where they were already talking about how this meant Chaos would be released 2011. Guess I got sucked into their vortex of stupid.

    Although I think GW would be doing us a disservice by not having a MC Necron that could turn into an F16 at will. If you think it through, it makes perfect sense. :)

  3. Yeah, I think he was talking about no new necron flyer for the apparent future Airhammer™ release. Which is too bad of course but still better than no new Necron codex at all. I think a Transformer spin on the 'crons could be quite interesting (walker that transforms into a vehicle, why not?).