Friday, January 28, 2011

Repairing Chaos: 1 of ?

So with the new DA and BT FAQ recently released there has been some chatter about Chaos getting a facelift in the near future. Personally I don’t see it happening, but who knows.

That said, I used my extensive knowledge of the Chaos dex to create a few tweeks to the book which would make it a bit more competitive. And as we all know, GW gets all their ideas by simply trolling random blogs, so it’s a pretty safe bet we’ll be seeing some form of these in the new release, whenever that may be.

Phase One: Cult Troops


Fix: Allow Champ to take combi weapons, squad can take 0-2 combi weapons as well.

Why: Everyone knows these guys have trouble with tanks, the key is how to fix this without making them too good at taking out tanks. Combis give them some anti-tank, but keep it limited (as opposed to access to actual melta/plasmas).

Plague Marines

Fix: Nothing

Why: Plague Marines themselves are not broken, they have a clear role (midfield objectives, tarpits) and perform it well. What they need is adequate support from other elements in the FOC, so that they are not trying to carry the army on their stinky, stinky shoulders.

Noise Marines

Fix: Make sonic blasters S5. Keep points the same.

Why: Now you have a unit that it slightly better at anti-infantry (w/o crossing the AP3 Rubicon) and more worth the 25 points per guy you are throwing down on them. In addition, they can lend some suppression fire on light vehicles, something Chaos desperately needs. They’d still die is droves to dedicated assault squads, which is fine – Noise marines should be the “elves” of the Chaos dex.

1000 Sons

Fix: Not sure what the hell to do with these guys, as its unclear what GW was attempting to do with them. You could increase their save to 3++, but they still won’t really do anything. They’re certainly not assaulty. Giving them access to a heavy weapon or two might work, but doesn’t seem fluffy, or interesting. Some psychic buffs for the unit might work, or simply dropping the points on the god-awful sorc they have to take. Hell, I’m open for suggestions.

Any thoughts?


  1. For the Thousand Sons, I'd favour making the sorcerer cheaper, including their powers. I've also no objection to giving them access to some variant weapons (heavy or otherwise) as the rubric marines were once flesh and blood and therefore probably used to wield such things in their pre-heresy tactical squads.

  2. Give the piss-poor Sorcerer a Psychic Hood, for one thing; that Chaos throw away their psychic defence is ridiculous, but that the very Thousand Sons who struggled to preserve their physical and spiritual integrity from the Warp for so long, even at the cost of their brethren's lives shoud do so may be accounted an attack of raw stupidity far outweighing an extremely dim Ork dropped from the stratosphere at great speed. Onto his head.

    Ahem. Got lost in that one a bit. Anyway, yes, give them a Psychic Hood, and restore some element of the old Thrall Wizards rules whereby they act as a psychic amplifier for the Sorcerer and help him overcome the psychic defences of enemies. The niche of the Thousand Sons becomes 'psychic defence', something else the Chaos book needs. Perhaps some better-than-piss-poor psychic powers could find their way in there, too (how about a version of the ol' Tzeentch's Firestorm - a low Strength Large Blast with Melta? That'd be something different. Cap it at S4 AP3, like the Inferno Bolts, and what you have is something that can contribute to mech management but is still at its best targeting the same sorts of things the Thousand Sons want to be shooting at).

  3. Some excellent ideas there. Dropping the cost of the sorc is a must, or at least giving him the extra wounds and and damage capacity to justify the almost 100 pts you're spending on him. And a few Projectile Throwers of Change (read: krak missle launchers) wouldn't be the end of the world.

    Psychic hoods would be perfect, as they would and some much needed psychic defense against SM and Tyranid shenanigans and (as you said Von) would be a good fit with the whole "we're supposed to be teh best wizzardz evah" thing Tzeentch has got going on.

    I was also thinking it would be neat if Tzeentch got some kind of 'soul stealing' bonus ala the DE Power from Pain abilities.

    Thanks for the feedback. Next up maybe I can knock out a quick post on Fast Attack and Elites...

  4. Giving Thousand Sons Sorcerers a bit more unique abilities to help deal with the problems the squads have currently. You could cry that Sorcerer Lords would have the same abilities, so I guess these could be given to all psykers in the army. (Oh, and drop the cost of Aspiring Sorcerers, as said)

    Perhaps allow the Aspiring Sorcerer to cause a single would to a Rubric Marine, with armor saves allowed, in order to rerolled a failed roll during a psychic power (Anything from the test, the to hit roll, and to armor penetration).
    Also give Rubric Marines a 5+ Feel No Pain to represent the fact there isn't a living being in the shell so hits to them have chances to be just ignored. Don't make them Plague Marines, but increase their survivability a bit.