Saturday, January 29, 2011

Repairing Chaos: 2 of ?

So now that our cult troops actually bring something to the table, we need some robust elites to help fill out our FOC and to take some of the heat off our troops.

Here’s what I’m thinking:


Fix: This is a no-brainer. Clarify the fire-frenzy rules. Period. Limiting to the front arc seems reasonable, as this can still be very bad for Chaos. Giving them Daemonic Possession standard and tacking on a few extra points to their cost would be cool too.

Why: Because there is no set ruling on fire-frenzy, Dreds are useless in tourney play. A plastic kit would be nice, but we’re supposed to be talking short term fixes, and a ruling here is what is needed now.


Fix: Fearless

Why: Personally I think fearless should be a Chaos wide thing, not just for the Chosen. I’ve heard people advocate that they should be given ATSKNF, but frankly that would make them too much like their imperial counterparts for my taste. Next we’ll be breaking them into combat squads and giving our termies thunder hammers. Fearless is a nice little buff, and stays in the spirit of Chaos.


Fix: Fearless.

Why: Again its silly that the crème de la crème of Chaos run like frightened puppies every time they lose assaults or get shot. Well maybe not every time, but the very fact that they do run is – awkward.

But let’s look farther down the road. As termies stand, they are a 105 point suicide gimmick. We can do better. I think terminators should be an upgrade available to ALL the cult troops. For an extra 15, 20… whatever, you get to upgrade a cult troop to terminator status with access to all their usual cult gear and rules plus the termie goodies too. Yes, that would make them an expensive proposition, but it would also make them what they should be: elite troops capable of raising hell. It would also allow for greater “fluffy” yet competitive list building which allows players to pick some themed, hard hitters to back up their cult troops.


Fix: Another obvious one. Replace the wacky chart with actual upgrades you can buy (or pick for free). Also, allow them to either infiltrate or scout.

Why: Possessed are supposed to be scary combat troops, but they are currently too random to be effective (and to synergize with existing troops) and too slow to be effective w/o ranged attacks. Being able to icon them in ala lesser daemons might be a good option, or permanent fleet might work as well. Without melta guns or reliable anti-tank they’d still be pretty meh, but it would be a good step in the right direction.

Next up: Fast Attack


  1. I'm a fan of "Cult Terminators" personally. One of my friends used custom rules for Rubric Terminators and I think they worked out well. It might be a bit of an overhaul on Noise Marines, but that isn't that big of a deal...

  2. I agree. Noise Marine terminators with sonic blasters wouldn't be too scary (for the cost), but once you started handing out multiple doom sirens, you could make a pretty mean MEQ killer (again, expensive though). Nurgle shouldn't be too bad, as anything which can cut through a plague marine should be able to get at 2+ armor. Berserker terms however, with furious charge, power weapons, combis, and a 2+/5++ would be pretty sick.

  3. I miss the Cult Terminators. It's somewhat ridiculous that none of the big lads from the four 'Cult Legions' suffered the same exciting fate as their comrades. It's not as if GW even needs to make models for them if they don't want to - like the Tyrannofex, they could be one of those cunning ploys to encourage conversions by making the good stuff conversion-reach only.