Sunday, January 30, 2011

Repairing Chaos: 3 of ???

Now that we have troops that actually do something once they get midfield and some elites which add both flavor to the army and some much needed punch, its time to work on the real Achilles heal of Chaos: Fast Attack.

So yeah, our FA suck right now. You get to either have expensive, limited usage bikers, or Raptors who are brimming with mediocrity.

In most other FOCs the FA slot is designed to add suppression fire (Vypers, Destroyers) or rapidly deploying anti-tank (Speeders, Piranhas, melta-bikes, Def kopters, etc.), or punches (raveners and nob bikerz). As it stands, Chaos FA can only do the anti-tank role (melta bikes or raptors). While we need suppression, I don’t think suppression for our FA really suits Chaos. We are supposed to be aggressive after all.

Try this out:


Fix: Give them the option to upgrade to “Possessed Bikers” for a modest upcharge. Per last post, this would like confer onto them the ability to rend and scout.

Why: With the ability to either scout and/or rend, these guys suddenly become (an expensive) problem that needs to be dealt with. Much like to MM speeders buzzing into your deployment zone, or some Thunderwolf cavalry, they are going to cause problems. They will be expensive enough where they won’t likely get spammed in smaller games, but you could possibly tack on a Chaos lord with them and you’d have a real nice hammer unit. Plus it gives the Chaos lord something to do other than wonder why the other HQs are so much better than him.


Fix: Not much to do here. Perhaps the ability to upgrade them ala the bikers above.

Why: As they are, Raptors are decent suicide melta squad, even if a bit overcosted at 120 per squad. At 20 pts a model, big units of these are not really an option, and icons alone are not going to give them enough punch to warrant the expenditure. Lowering their point cost significantly would just mean most players would be taking 3 MSU units of suicide melta squads. That’s fine, but not a very creative use for them.


Fix: Give them a saving throw of 4+ or FNP. Have them occupy an actual FOC slot, and give them access to ‘marks’ which would allow some customization. Get rid of Slow and Purposeful if they are within 6” of an HQ. This would also require a modest points increase.

Why: Spawn could make a nice entourage for an IC mounted on a bike or beast, but they need staying power and reliability. Giving them a save and a mark would make them a bigger threat, and having some extra T5 to screen your sorc or lord with is well worth the FOC slot or two. On their own, they would make a decent “pay attention to me!” squad as they would be in threat range T2, but they would not be good enough on their own to seriously threaten most MEQs.

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