Monday, February 28, 2011

More Necron Warriors

Soon or later I'm going to have to get around and start painting these things...

Sunday, February 27, 2011

More Necron Rumors...

This weekend brought a new wave of chatter about the much anticipated (but yet to be confirmed) release of the Necron codex this summer.

For the original post of the latest round of scuttlebutt see here.

For a good compilation of all the Necron rumors to date, see here.

A for some pictures of a rapidly growing of zombie robots – well I might humbly suggest browsing my “Necron” tab on the right.


Professor Eldritch

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Battalion #1 Assembled.

I have a fever, and the only cure is more zombie robots...

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Thanks and Farewell to Ron and FTW!

If you’re a member of From the Warp (as I am) you’ve probably already heard this, but if you haven’t it appears the site’s lead blogger, Ron has put the blog on hiatus for awhile.

That’s that bad news, as Ron has created a rally cool community of bloggers and a great place for lesser known blogs *ahem* to get some traffic.

Ron’s reason’s are his own and that’s fine by me. If you’re interested in reading more he’s got a good interview here. In the end, we all have IRL stuff we have to do and I’m just grateful for the resource he created.

So Ron, thanks and best of luck to you!

More Zombie Robots

Another eight down. I admit I'm having some fun with posing these guys. Now I just need to settle on a color scheme...

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Preliminary Necron List

I’ve had an idea for some time now of what I’ve wanted my Necron army to be composed of (namely, destroyers) but never actually sat down to hammer out a list.

So here’s my first shot at 2000 pts:

Destroyer Lord w/ Res. Orb, Solar Pulse, Warscythe (205)

10 Immortals (280)

10 Necron Warriors (180)
10 Necron Warriors (180)

5 Destroyers (250)
5 Destroyers (250)
8 Scarabs w/ disruption fields (128)

3 Heavy Destroyers (195)
3 Heavy Destroyers (195)
2 Tomb Spyders (110)

TOTAL: 1995

Most Necron players (and I suspect many non-Crons) have probably just done a collective eye roll and muttered something to the effect of, “Christ, not that list again.”

True, there is very little ‘original’ about this build: its standard destroyer wing with heavy destroyer salt to taste. Could it be that I’m just devoid of good ideas? Possibly, but I really don’t think there is much the Necrons can do outside this format with their current codex the way it is. Yes, there are C’tan and ‘Liths that I could play around with time permitting, but at this stage I want to keep the list as simple as possible. Once I get the basic Necron mechanics down, we’ll see about mixing it up a bit.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Arise, Ye Damaged Robots!

I've had a nice three-day weekend of building, and I'm still not through the first battalion box yet. Also, the multiple stabs wounds I gave myself with my Exacto Knife and pin drill have all been neatly sealed with excess superglue.

You can't see it real well with the pictures I took, but one of the scarab swarms is supposed to be bursting forth from the ground and another just dusted off a hardly lunch of Space Wolf.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

1750 Tourney: Observe and Report

Well the results are in, and while I didn’t land 1st place again this time, I did finish a respectable 4th; and against some tough lists to boot.

I ran what is rapidly becoming my standard “Noise Marine Null List”, featuring a combination of obliterators, princes, termies, and doom sirens. My list can be found here.

Here’s a quick rundown of the day’s battles:

Round One: CSM vs Deathwing

My opponent this round was a skilled fellow sporting 4 units of TH/SS cyclone termies, Balal and a retinue, and 3 vindicators. Mission was essentially a kill point spearhead. He took first turn and bubble-wrapped his Vindies with the termies and placed so that my deep strikers had little place to land. I made a critical mistake T1 in that I reserved everything but my Chosen; leaving them in cover midfield to try and pick off a vindie. He easily scooped them up along with their transport, leaving my daemons no icon to warp in off of and giving him 3 KPs before I had even began to arrive. Through a combination of a few lucky ‘spot-on’ deepstrikes, me deploying entirely on one flank of his, and him not being able to roll more than a 2 on any termie save whatsoever, I managed a ‘minor defeat’, but that game could have easily have been at least draw for me (score was 9-6KPs).

Round Two: CSM vs Razor Wolves I knew I was in trouble before even starting this one: 3 long fang units, 4 razored-up grey hunter units, two wolf guard units with assault cannon r-backs, a rune priet and two typhoon speeders. That’s a butt-load of krak missiles/lascannon shots. We were playing 5 objectives. I reserved everything only to have my daemons die (yet again) from no icon, and my termies and ½ my oblits to arrive early (one unit of termies getting sucked into the warp to boot!), before any of my troops could support their assault. He dispatched wave one without any problem. By top of T3, things looked really, really, grim. But my DPs and bikers were able to draw almost two turns of fire whilst the rest of my marines arrived and snatched objectives. By T5, I had actually tied him in objectives, and would have been very happy to have had it end there. Of course, it went two more turns and he blew up nearly everything in my army. Even so, I still pulled a tie by using one lone unit of noise marines stretched 2” apart each to claim two objectives in my backfield. It was a long seven turns, but great match overall.

Round Three: CSM vs Tau

This game was dawn of war kill points with HQ choices counting as a whopping 5 pts. I won first turn and placed everything but oblits and termies at midfield. My opponent did not back far enough away, and by T2 I was already assaulting the Tau HQ and a pair lead of crisis suits. Things went from bad to worse for the Tau as my oblits and termies were able to icon in without scatter and destroy the Tau center. Things went further downhill from there for the Tau, and by T5 they were wiped completely off the board.

Conclusion Once again I’m surprised how well my Noise Marines faired against some very competitive lists (and players). Chaos still has some fight let in them at the 1500-1850 range, as other players still cannot yet fully max out their more effective elite and fast attack slots at that level. Even so, the need for Chaos to have reliable suppression can still be clearly felt, even at this level.

Next month I’m probably going to have to skip tournament play due to some family coming into town. By April, things will have likely scaled to the 2250 range, which is too rich for my blood without the addition of some costly (price wise) raptors; and right now my mini budget is focused firmly on the Necrons. Ideally, I’d like to get a few practice games in with the Necrons, but who knows, maybe I’ll throw caution to the wind and bring the Noise Marines back out for another round.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

1750 Tourney List

With February’s RTT a mere 48 hours away, its time to throw out a list a talk turkey.

1750 Point Tourney List

1 Daemon Prince w/ wings, MoS, Warptime (160)
1 Daemon Prince w/ wings, MoS, Lash (155)

3 Terminators w/ combi-melta x 2, H flamer (105)
3 Terminators w/ combi-melta x 2, H flamer (105)
5 Chosen w/ meltagun x 2, flamer x 2, IoCG, Rhino w/ havoc (180)

5 Noise Marines w/ sonic x 4, champ w/ doom siren, icon, Rhino w/ extra bolt (195)
5 Noise Marines w/ sonic x 4, champ w/ doom siren, icon, Rhino w/ extra bolt (195)
5 Noise Marines w/ sonic x 5, icon, Rhino (165)
5 Daemons (65)

3 Chaos Bikers w/ meltagun x 2, IoCG (129)

2 Obliterator (150)
1 Obliterator (75)
1 Obliterator (75)


Basically I've taken the 1500 list and added some fixins. The extra oblit was pretty much a no brainer, as most of my opponents will be adding at least one, probably two units to their lists, and I'll need the extra shooting to offset this increase. That leaves 175pts to spend; which is not quite enough for troops, and my HQ is already maxed. More oblits would be nice, but I really needed to increase my own target saturation otherwise my opponents can simply put their high AV shots on the oblits and quickly insta-kill them off the table.

I went with bikers as they can create diversions with the Chosen by quickly pushing midfield and creating a dual threat with their icon and melta guns. They'll probably get shredded for their troubles, but with T5 and 3++, they will hopefully soak some fire before dying.

That left 51 points. Warptime to DP #2 seemed like a good idea, as it will help him with baddies and fast moving armor. With the remaining 26 points I went for a havoc launcher on the Chosen’s rhino to increase the annoyance factor on an otherwise non-priority target, and an additional pintle bolter for each of my main rhinos. That’s right: FOUR TL boltgun shots coming at you at 12” bitches. Ignore those rhinos at your own peril.

As for tactics, standard shenanigans apply. Reserve against firepower lists and divide and conquer. Use chosen, bikes and deepstrike threats to herd mobile opponents up, push midfield against others. Oh, and hope whatever quirk of fate kept me from facing those DE and big bug lists last time around holds for a few more days...

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Necrons: First Batch

Finally had some time this weekend to break open the battalion boxes and get down to business. My plan for the army is to have the Warriors, Destroyers, and other 'lesser' crons be modeled with heavy damage and painted in a very rusty scheme. Immortals, and the new Necron elites that GW releases this summer *wink* will be done with no damage and a high shine metallic finish. That's the plan anyway.

I've always liked the Necron theme of them being essentially space undead,so I've tried to model my warriors like robot zombies - shambling, decrepit and barely self aware.

How to Kill It: Eldar vs n00b Bikerz

Insulting Description/Nickname: Think of someone with poor impulse control, minimal self-awareness, and a hyperactive adrenal gland mounted on a motorcycle. Why do you keep staring at that picture of Mickey Rourke?

Threat To: Well, you are Eldar, so basically anything they catch which isn’t a tank. Also, if they are packing a power Klaw, and they are always packing a Klaw, they are a threat to tanks too. With high toughness, FNP and mobility, they can soak torrents of fire, making them a challenge for the lightly gunned Eldar.

Shooting It: Tempting, but no. First, there are a few Eldar weapons which can kill them – Fire Prism shots, bright lances, EMLs, D-Cannons, etc. but chances are you have limited shots and they are going to have enough bikers to soak them. Yes, the old Fortune & Doom trick can work (that’s your solution to everything elf, admit it), but keep in mind to use this you have to be within 24”, which is perilously close to the bikerz charge range. Just sayin…

Assaulting It:
No again. While you may have some things which can wound them, chances are you are trading squad for squad, or close to it. You are Eldar. They are Orks. You cannot trade squad for squad. Sear councils may be able to tar pit them, but again, think you the trade you are making. Also, if the Klaw dude gets lucky he can punch your Farseer off his bike in one hit – bye-bye 300+ points! The best way to take down bikers is with lots of high strength, low AP attacks, something Eldar just does not have in the assault phase. True, Wraithlords can swipe a couple a turn, but with only 3 wounds, chances are he won’t take them all out before they get to him.

Tips and Tricks: So now you are probably thinking “Alright smartass, if I’m not supposed to shoot them, and can’t assault them…” The key to Nob Bikers is the movement phase. Tank shock the hell out of them: once, twice per turn then run away once they are buried on a flank. “Death or Glory, you ask?” Keep in mind that only works if the exact model that has the Klaw is in the path of your tank. Just don’t aim your tank so that it crosses his path and you’ll be fine. Force their movement with your tanks while saving your fire power for his squads and battlewagons.

- The only exception to taking bikers out in the shooting phase is if you can get some fire dragons close enough for a volley and there is some few more shots nearby (a prism would be nice) to assist. Just remember: templates first, shots second.