Saturday, February 19, 2011

1750 Tourney: Observe and Report

Well the results are in, and while I didn’t land 1st place again this time, I did finish a respectable 4th; and against some tough lists to boot.

I ran what is rapidly becoming my standard “Noise Marine Null List”, featuring a combination of obliterators, princes, termies, and doom sirens. My list can be found here.

Here’s a quick rundown of the day’s battles:

Round One: CSM vs Deathwing

My opponent this round was a skilled fellow sporting 4 units of TH/SS cyclone termies, Balal and a retinue, and 3 vindicators. Mission was essentially a kill point spearhead. He took first turn and bubble-wrapped his Vindies with the termies and placed so that my deep strikers had little place to land. I made a critical mistake T1 in that I reserved everything but my Chosen; leaving them in cover midfield to try and pick off a vindie. He easily scooped them up along with their transport, leaving my daemons no icon to warp in off of and giving him 3 KPs before I had even began to arrive. Through a combination of a few lucky ‘spot-on’ deepstrikes, me deploying entirely on one flank of his, and him not being able to roll more than a 2 on any termie save whatsoever, I managed a ‘minor defeat’, but that game could have easily have been at least draw for me (score was 9-6KPs).

Round Two: CSM vs Razor Wolves I knew I was in trouble before even starting this one: 3 long fang units, 4 razored-up grey hunter units, two wolf guard units with assault cannon r-backs, a rune priet and two typhoon speeders. That’s a butt-load of krak missiles/lascannon shots. We were playing 5 objectives. I reserved everything only to have my daemons die (yet again) from no icon, and my termies and ½ my oblits to arrive early (one unit of termies getting sucked into the warp to boot!), before any of my troops could support their assault. He dispatched wave one without any problem. By top of T3, things looked really, really, grim. But my DPs and bikers were able to draw almost two turns of fire whilst the rest of my marines arrived and snatched objectives. By T5, I had actually tied him in objectives, and would have been very happy to have had it end there. Of course, it went two more turns and he blew up nearly everything in my army. Even so, I still pulled a tie by using one lone unit of noise marines stretched 2” apart each to claim two objectives in my backfield. It was a long seven turns, but great match overall.

Round Three: CSM vs Tau

This game was dawn of war kill points with HQ choices counting as a whopping 5 pts. I won first turn and placed everything but oblits and termies at midfield. My opponent did not back far enough away, and by T2 I was already assaulting the Tau HQ and a pair lead of crisis suits. Things went from bad to worse for the Tau as my oblits and termies were able to icon in without scatter and destroy the Tau center. Things went further downhill from there for the Tau, and by T5 they were wiped completely off the board.

Conclusion Once again I’m surprised how well my Noise Marines faired against some very competitive lists (and players). Chaos still has some fight let in them at the 1500-1850 range, as other players still cannot yet fully max out their more effective elite and fast attack slots at that level. Even so, the need for Chaos to have reliable suppression can still be clearly felt, even at this level.

Next month I’m probably going to have to skip tournament play due to some family coming into town. By April, things will have likely scaled to the 2250 range, which is too rich for my blood without the addition of some costly (price wise) raptors; and right now my mini budget is focused firmly on the Necrons. Ideally, I’d like to get a few practice games in with the Necrons, but who knows, maybe I’ll throw caution to the wind and bring the Noise Marines back out for another round.

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