Saturday, February 5, 2011

How to Kill It: Eldar vs n00b Bikerz

Insulting Description/Nickname: Think of someone with poor impulse control, minimal self-awareness, and a hyperactive adrenal gland mounted on a motorcycle. Why do you keep staring at that picture of Mickey Rourke?

Threat To: Well, you are Eldar, so basically anything they catch which isn’t a tank. Also, if they are packing a power Klaw, and they are always packing a Klaw, they are a threat to tanks too. With high toughness, FNP and mobility, they can soak torrents of fire, making them a challenge for the lightly gunned Eldar.

Shooting It: Tempting, but no. First, there are a few Eldar weapons which can kill them – Fire Prism shots, bright lances, EMLs, D-Cannons, etc. but chances are you have limited shots and they are going to have enough bikers to soak them. Yes, the old Fortune & Doom trick can work (that’s your solution to everything elf, admit it), but keep in mind to use this you have to be within 24”, which is perilously close to the bikerz charge range. Just sayin…

Assaulting It:
No again. While you may have some things which can wound them, chances are you are trading squad for squad, or close to it. You are Eldar. They are Orks. You cannot trade squad for squad. Sear councils may be able to tar pit them, but again, think you the trade you are making. Also, if the Klaw dude gets lucky he can punch your Farseer off his bike in one hit – bye-bye 300+ points! The best way to take down bikers is with lots of high strength, low AP attacks, something Eldar just does not have in the assault phase. True, Wraithlords can swipe a couple a turn, but with only 3 wounds, chances are he won’t take them all out before they get to him.

Tips and Tricks: So now you are probably thinking “Alright smartass, if I’m not supposed to shoot them, and can’t assault them…” The key to Nob Bikers is the movement phase. Tank shock the hell out of them: once, twice per turn then run away once they are buried on a flank. “Death or Glory, you ask?” Keep in mind that only works if the exact model that has the Klaw is in the path of your tank. Just don’t aim your tank so that it crosses his path and you’ll be fine. Force their movement with your tanks while saving your fire power for his squads and battlewagons.

- The only exception to taking bikers out in the shooting phase is if you can get some fire dragons close enough for a volley and there is some few more shots nearby (a prism would be nice) to assist. Just remember: templates first, shots second.


  1. Should be able to get Fire Dragons on Nob Bikers because Nob Bikers don't like to shoot, they like to try and rush in and assault something, Battlewagons usually die to side shots anyway and his squads hate Seer Councils on Jetbikes/Trying to hit fast moving skimmers anyways...

    Oh wait, that makes too much sense :P

  2. Tank Shocking is kinda ineffective due to Ld 10 re-rollable from the obligatory attached Warboss with Bosspole, smartypants :P

  3. The reason you tank shock is not to make them flee (though that would be a bonus), its because you can force him to move his models out of the away of the tank and hopefully away from your troops. Obviously, this isn't going to help if he's 8" away from your guys, but if it moves them from 16" to 20", then it can have a significant impact.

    As for the Fire Dragons, their melta weapons could certainly put a hurt on bikers, and if the Ork player actually diverted his assault to mop them up it'd probably be worth the trade in their points. :)