Saturday, September 17, 2011

Directorate Painting - First Attempt

Finally had some time to break out the minis this weekend and get to business with my Directorate fleet.

I hadn’t really had much time to look at the models since getting them last weekend, so first thing I did was get everything out and examine them, as these are the first Spartan Games models I’ve purchased.

Overall, I’m pretty pleased with the quality of the models, both resin and metals. The resins had some of the usual flash and a few mold lines, but nothing a modeling knife couldn’t trim up in short order.

My friend Todd pointed out that there appeared to be a significant degree of mold release still on his models, and I’d have to report the same – these will definitely require a trip through the kitchen sink carwash before trying to put any primer on them. As some resins get melty, I stuck with warm soapy water. Seemed to do the trick.

As for painting, I’m happy with the finished product, but must confess it wasn’t the hue I set out to achieve. Ideally, they would have been a very dark turquoise color with more muted gold trim. That said, they still read nice from table height , and I’m comfortable adapting this recipe for the rest of the ships.

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