Sunday, September 11, 2011

Space Terrain Time

With my Firestorm Armada fleet arriving this weekend, I decided it was time to make some space terrain to go along with my shiny new Directorate fleet.

The plan was pretty straightforward: I wanted about four small planets/moons, two large planets/stars and some asteroids, and a cloth backdrop for the whole thing. I decided to save some of the more complicated ideas (black hole? space station?) for another day.

The whole thing was pretty easy and I had a lot of help from my girls, who are proving to be quite the young terrain builders.

We used with wooden balls for the planets and moons, which turned out to be a good choice as they presented a much smoother surface than the Styrofoam balls I’ve used previously.

Of everything we built, the asteroids were most disappointing. I placed some Styrofoam balls on stems early on, thinking that when I strayed them with primer they would ‘crumple’ with the paint. Unfortunately, within a few sprays it was immediately apparent that the paint wasn’t melting like it should. We tried using acetone, which did melt the balls, albeit very slowly. I had to use a hot foam knife to whittle away the rest. The final product is a bit of a fail: the asteroids are way too big to move ships through, and scale-wise they are as large as the planets. I may be revising these in the near future.

For the backdrop, I kept things subtle and simple. I don’t care for the really, really bright ones, so I just lightly sponge painted on some lavender and pink for a few modest nebulas, then flecked the whole thing with a tooth brush and some white paint.

So here’s the final product. Overall I’m pretty happy with things, though as I said the asteroids need some work. Now I just need some ships for this star system!


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  2. Seriously awesome! You may have to get a starter fleet for your girls...

    Oh, and I love the cluster of pair shaped anomalies in the second photo up from the bottom!

  3. Thanks! Wasn't there an episode of Star Trek where they had to battle Space Pears?

  4. Every episode, right? At least in the original series I think...

  5. Very cool indeed! I'm looking to playing with all of this!