Saturday, December 10, 2011

Behold! The Foot 'Crons Cometh (Revised)

Yes, it’s the Holy Grail of 40k – that much sought after, but seldom realized dream of dreams – to built a foot list that doesn’t suck.

Maybe it is because of the boring ubiquity of vehicles in every stinking list out there, but it seems like each time a new codex drops some jackass tries to be the first to come up with a foot list that is going to win the next NOVA.

I am that jackass, and I dare to dream.

Let’s just hope this comes out better than Foot ‘Dar.

Imotekh [225]

1 Cryptek w/ Lance [35]
1 Cryptek w/ Lance [35]
1 Cryptek w/ Lance [35]

1 Cryptek w/ Veil of Darkness [60]

13 Necron Warriors w/ Gauss Flayers [169]
10 Necron Warriors w/ Gauss Flayers [130]
10 Necron Warriors w/ Gauss Flayers [130]
10 Necron Warriors w/ Gauss Flayers [130]

10 Necron Immortals w/ Gauss Blasters [170]

4 Canoptek Wraiths w/ Whip Coil x 1, Particle Caster x 2 [160]

5 Tomb Blades w/ TL Gauss Blasters [100]

8 Canoptek Scarabs [120]

3 Canoptek Spyders w/ TL Particle Beamer x 1[175]
3 Canoptek Spyders w/ TL Particle Beamer x 1[175]

TOTAL 1849

Explanation time. Imagine this list not as a hammer, but as a vat of acid. You won’t win games gloriously; you’ll simply corrode your opponent to death. Of the models in this list, a full 70% are there only to die. Every game.

We pulse once or twice depending on who goes first. Spyders and scarabs push forward, poop scarabs, and die; hopefully absorbing a lot firepower. If your opponent decides to come out and assault them, fine: that means he isn’t assaulting your weak warriors in the backfield. Feel free to yell “Diversion!” as you advance with these models.

Wraiths hang with the warriors to act as a counter assault (against things they can kill) and a speed bump/tar pit (against things they cannot). Warriors should be advancing in cover, or sitting in cover, or shooting from cover, or reading children’s books in cover. The key thing here is cover.

Immortals and Blades are your wild card. As you’ll likely be castled into a corner, Blades can try and stun any flanking speeders, bikes, or transports. Conversely, you can advance them behind your scarabs and shoot vehicles while the nearby enemy units are pumping shots into the scarabs/spyders. Immortals roll with the VoD Crypteks and zap someplace your opponent doesn’t want them. They shoot and then they die. Because they are troops, you can threaten far off objectives that your opponent decides to staff with only a few models. Under no circumstances do you try and support them however.

Lance Crypteks run with the warriors, lancing vehicles that get too close, and running out and dying as a speed bump for incoming assaulters. Even if you run them out of cover and the assaulting unit shoots them down, no worries. Remember if they target the Cryptek they can’t assault the warriors that turn.

That’s the plan. This list probably ain’t going to win national accolades, but I bet it could pull a few LGS tourney wins. It’s going to have problems against lists with lots of solid high strength templates (IG), or with multiple units of durable assaulters (Blood Angels), or with Dark Eldar, who ignore your night fighting and just redeploy away from your shooty stuff. If you are playing against a shooting Razor list that decides to camp in his backfield, just keep night fighting rules going until he realizes that he is going to have to come to you before your Blades and Immortals dash in on T5 and contest his objectives.

Any thoughts?


  1. The list is illegal. You have two viels of darkness,you can only take one per a court, and since you only have Imotekh, you are limited to one court.

    Also you have 4 FA choices, the Wraiths, two units of tomb blades and a unit of scarabs.

  2. There are still some wrong Pointcosts.
    -Cryptek w/ VoD = 60 pts
    -10 Immortals = 170 pts
    -3 C.Spyders w/ TL PBeamerx1 = 175 pts

    Makes 1862 points for all.

  3. My thanks again. Any thoughts on the overall playability of the list? Have you had any luck with foot 'crons? I've got a ton of warrior and scarab models that I'd like to see converted into a viable army list.

  4. 1x Overlord, Warscythe, Command Barge
    1x Overlord, Phaeron, Warscythe, Orb
    20xNW + NL (Warscythe, Orb)
    10xNW + Ghost Ark
    10xNI(Gauss) + Cryptek (Solar Pulse)
    10xNI(Tesla) + Cryptek(SP)+ NL (Warscythe, Orb)
    2x Annihilation Barge
    2x Spyder
    9x Scarabs

    Two turns Night Fight on the enemy, big foot squad advances in front as cover, supported by Ghost Ark. Immortals on either flank using Warriors for cover. Annihilation Barges holding flanks. Command Barge Overlord sets up to run flat out sweeping attacks, Spyders pump Scarabs while Scarabs set up to charge.

    Scarabs do not try to kill vehicles, but only try to lower AV so the small arms behind them has a chance to penetrate and move on to the next vehicle(s). Multiassault as much as possible on vehicles.