Saturday, December 10, 2011

Email In: Necrons @1850

A friend of mine is also working on some new Necron lists and sent this one my way for a review. He's also a hell of a painter, as you can see by the sample warrior picture he sent (right).

This is the list I'm kind of heading towards, not ready yet to commit to Imotekh, and not sure I want to build the number of Scarabs necessary for a farm... 42 bases is only 14 warriors boxes.....

(phareon + 20 warriors is same tactical case as tesla immortals)


Necron Overlord 90, Warscythe 10, Mindshackle Scarabs 15, Phaeron 20, Res Orb 30

4x Cryptek 100
1x Harbringer of Eternity Chronometron15
2x Harbringer of Destruction 20
1x Harbringer of Destruction 10, 1x Solar Pulse 20

Triarch Stalker 150

Triarch Stalker 150

Triarch Stalker 150

20x Necron Warriors 260

5x Necron Warriors 65
Ghost Ark 115

5x Necron Warriors 65
Ghost Ark 115

5x Necron Warriors 65
Ghost Ark 115

Annihilation Barge 90 (Gauss Cannon)

Annihilation Barge 90 (Gauss Cannon)

Annihilation Barge 90 (Gauss Cannon)

Total 1850

Overall looks alright. However, I'm concerned that the 20+ Necron Warrior unit and the Lord are going to be left out of the action as they have no mobility whatsoever. I see the attraction on paper of having 20 warriors who can move and shoot 24" with gauss, as well as having a Res Orb to boost their durability. But frankly, without any transport or teleport your opponent might just deploy away form them and effectively remove them from most of the game.

From a purely FOC standpoint, I'm not sold on the stalkers. Their heat rays are nice enough, but as walkers go they are pretty vulnerable to assault and I don't see anything in the list to act as a screen from them. Perhaps drop one stalker and add some scarabs or tomb blades?

On a similar thread, the list has a good deal of medium range firepower, but seems pretty undefended towards assaults in general. The lord's unit is so big and slow that it will have a hard time responding to faster moving assault units. Everything else in the list will get smoked in H2H without some help. I think a drop marine list, null tyranid list, or similar list with multiple assault units will eat you for breakfast.

Anyway, my $0.02.



  1. I disagree with your statements.

    1. 20+ warriors and Lord w/ warscythe, orb, phaeton, and mindshackle
    The only scenario where anyone can choose to ignore the 20+ warrior unit is annihilation, but is it likely they CAN stay out of the 60" diameter circle (max shots) in the center of the board where the warriors can have effect? Also, since annihilation would be the only scenario where they can choose to do such, are they going to also choose to ignore the 6-8 kill points joining this unit (2 arks + 5 man warriors, and 2-3 stalkers)?

    This is right if you are playing marines, and the unit you are talking about is assault terminators. However Assualt terminators can't shoot, can't take objectives, and can be ignored. A 20+ Phaeron unit does maximum duty and here's why.

    A. Vehicle Suppression at 6" + 24" and does it by stacking effects with 20 shots / 13.333 hits / 2.222 glances + 1 re-roll on the chart (chronometron). When used in combination with a stalker (twin-linked) it means 3 Glances. Also Lets not forget that the Warscythe gives the Lord STR + 2d6 on vehicles.

    B. Light and Heavy infantry - 20 Relentless boltguns are pretty good. If marines had this they might have a reason to move and fire. Meaning they can get into 12", rapid fire for 40 shots and steal the assault if there models left in range (not always likely).

    C. Close Combat, this unit is good in close combat, suffering only to large torrent of attacks units, like Orcs and guants (The same units that Bolter fire, and the ability to 'relentless' kite are best at). The units that are more common, small dedicated CC units supported by an IC is exactly what this unit is really good at dealing with (mind shackle + Warscythe).

    D. Resilience, 20+ warriors + res orb (T4 4+/4++) is truly amazing. It's greatest weakness is obviously to Templates (which aren't as common any more), and the maybe secondarily to Heavy Bolters. Either way this unit will lose a handful of guts a turn, but thankfully 2+ ghost arks will keep it close to full at all times.

    E. Objective Grabbing. It's important to note that this unit is really good in objective games. It's got a large footprint, providing three core benefits; It can hold an objective and make it so that 5-10 man assaulting units can't get within the 3" contesting range on an assault, but it can still hold that objective, until numbers dwindle. (lets not forget that reanimation Protocol helps quite a bit with this issues also, meaning the 50% that get back can be maneuvered to some advantage), The large foot print means that the unit can also take and hold 2 objectives, (something I have done with units of 20 termagants quite a few times.) Also it means that this unit in 4+ objective games is big enough that it does;t have to be so obvious about where its actually going. A unit like this can be 12" from 3 objectives and hold that position until turn 4, making hard for an opponent to react.

    All of that being said, this unit isn't 100% perfect, and has it's weaknesses for sure, but it's an example of getting the most effect out of 50 points of upgrades (phaeron + Res Orb).

  2. 2. Stalkers…
    Not sure about any of the statements here about walkers. Some people, especially BAs run assault walkers… but that's not that main walker out there in comp play, the main walker out there is a rifleman, or if your lucky enough a the best dread in the game, a Psifleman. So lets compare them:

    Psifleman - 2x twin linked Auto-cannon + psi bolt ammo - 135pts
    AV- 12 12 10, 2x STR 8 twin-linked auto-cannons [I4 A2 S6] (no close combat weapons, and Psychic Pilot ability)

    Stalker - 2x multi-melta + heavy flamer (this counts as one weapon) - 150pts
    Av 13 13 11, 2x multi melts [I2 A3 S7], and all units that fire at a unit that stalker hits gets twin linked.

    I don't think they make a bad comparison, obviously the Psifleman is the preferred shooter, but the AP 1 melta is really helpful for vehicle rolls. The big thing is AV 13 vs AV12, and the difference is HUGE. Based on the common meta which is torrent S8 fire, Psifle-men should be 2x as many Pens. On Str 7 Stalker can only be Glanced.

    they both have good tools for mitigating low vehicle effects.

    Close combat it should be clear that the Stalker is slightly better, of course 9/10 you've done something wrong if either of these things are in CC. I guess if it's to pull a scout unit of ann objective in turn 5 or six, sure...

    I think the thing that evens up shooting deficiency tho, is the drop twin-linking on a enemy unit of your choice. This is really important and effective for neurons. 2 reasons:
    a. Necrons can't get torrent anti-mech fire anywhere close to marines/IG, twin linking is definitely a way to boost the limited heavy fire that they do have. Wether its from lance Crypteks or other stalkers. Necrons problem with DESTROYING vehicles is number of shots.
    b. Necron Hit roll mechanics - Necrons have awesome hit roll-mechanics both with gauss and tesla. Just like Toxin sacs on gene stealers, twin linking guass fire and tesla fire turns a good mechanic into a great mechanic, almost to the point where I wish warriors had BS 3 sometimes.

  3. 3. Assualts…
    Meow! Well, Drop marine lists give me no grief because they pretty much suck, and even tho, they could melt 2-3 of my 9 AV 13 vehicles, they will suffer when the torch gets passed over. Yes, neurons suck in close combat, Why? because they are Tac Marines with initiative 2. If a 5 man with melta pops an ark, and I don;t have shooting sufficient to kill it, oh wait, I do have shooting sufficient to kill it, but I might just assault it withe a 6 man warrior squad just to see if 5 attacks going first can beat 12 attacks going second. Tyranids could be a bigger problem, but why Null deployment? That should help me, not Nids in this rare case, because all of my units can move and shoot. Against marines Null can be better, if the dice go well, because marines have to run, and when they run they can't shoot. Crons have different computers for upper torso and legs.

    By the way, who plays assault lists any way? Oh, I know… losers!

    All in all me an Professor Erdrich come from two hemispheres of the 40k world. He plays CSM and once Eldar, and I have been playing Nids and Tau. I see a lot of similarities between nids and Necrons in how they can be played. One thing is for sure tho, Necrons are different and if either of us rely to much on the patterns in our other armies, it will for sure make us overlook the real potential of our new codexes.

    Maybe I will send something that explains how to play this list, and that will help it make sense.

  4. BTW- Why do you say from FOC stand point your not sold on stalkers? What else is in elites that looks mroe supportive of this list? or do you mean that because I am missing FA?

    One way to look look at the fact that this list has only 9x S8 and and 12x S7 shots and most comp players will have 20-30 S8, is that their mech will be AV 11 and 12, and mine is AV 13, meaning they need 2x as many shots to affect me. Still not even... well add in the 50 gauss fire and maybe that will be enuf...