Monday, December 26, 2011

The Madness that Is Warhammer Fantasy

Having not played FB in years, I don’t really have a horse in the race, but I still feel like I need to go on a GW rant.

GW is putting a lot of resources towards making some of the most breathtaking kits they’ve ever built. If you haven’t pict-browsed their line, look at the new Beastmen here, or the Orges here.

Or these totally sweet new vampire models here. All truly incredible looking stuff.

Check them out, then weep- for all the awesome kits in the world won’t change the fact that the new FBs rules still suck.

A “competitive” Skaven army at 2,500 has over 325 models. Magic is so goddamn broken that the whole thing becomes an exercise in selecting your wizard, some magic item combos, and the 200-300 ablative wounds for him. The 8th ed. rules are a hot mess, some weird attempt to synthesize fluff and competitive play that screws both mentalities over in the process.

Again, I don’t play, so the plight of FB- while lamentable- is purely academic to me. But FWIW, if the rules were good, I'd totally have about 3,000 in VCs and maybe some Skaven on my shelf right now.

However the fact that some of these same great minds are now working on 6th ed 40k, now that worries me.


  1. The magic and model count are the reason I chose to play 40K. At my heart I am a fantasy over sci-fi guy. However, Warhammer Fantasy was too much magic crap and too many models back in the day and so I chose fewer models and bolters.

    I don't like a game where I HAVE to take a wizard or multiples to play or risk getting pounded by the other army and his magic guys.

    It is a shame too, since the Fantasy models are getting pretty outrageous and better than the 40K stuff.

  2. The mandatory wizard thing bothers me as well; I wish there were viable builds that didn't require a maxed out lord level wizard, but there just isn't. I also don't like how the 'tactics' in FB revolve primarily around coming up with uber-combos of magic items. I much prefer the way psychic powers and wargear work in 40k: as compliments and buffs to your characters rather than being more important than the characters themselves. I get how they are trying to make the game more 'heroic', but this new edition just feels like a great leap backward.