Friday, December 30, 2011

Making Scarabs

I was combing through my unassembled Necrons and bits last night and it occurred to me that even with my 12 current scarab swarm bases I am still woefully short of the amount I’m going to need to play.

Buying tons of warrior box sets is silly, as I already have 48 warriors, and buying scarabs on eBay right now is not much better. As I have mild OCD when it comes to models matching one another, using proxies to go along with my ‘real’ scarabs is also out.

Then I thought about making a green-stuff mold ala the skull rhino technique I had some success with awhile back.

A quick Google search later, and I discovered that this guy had beat me to the punch.

Here's another version.

These look awesome, and I’m definitely going to give this technique a go.

How did people ever get ideas before the internet?

1 comment:

  1. I'm going to be using the Instant Mold that Brother Loring mentions in the comments for the last link. Simple press mold for the top of a scarab.

    On the second link, I found it somewhat funny that the guy is building a base full of scarabs and he is worried about underside details that will never show. Which raised the time and expense needed for doing the job.

    Anyway, forget the time involved unless you have to have Scarabs RIGHT NOW! Make whatever press mold you want to, put the Green Stuff or Milliput in it, go to work, go to bed, go cut the grass, go play a game of 40k, whatever and when you are done, that set of Scarabs is done. Rinse, Repeat until finished.

    My fun: Converting seven Destroyers into Spyders, but that's only if I decide to try a mega Scarab list.