Thursday, December 15, 2011

Mine's Bigger Than Yours

I don’t send as much time browsing the forums as I used to, mainly because I find the tactics rather mediocre and the ego/flame wars to be highly annoying. Occasionally, you’ll find some good pictures stashed on Dakka or Warseer during the course of a Google search for painting ideas, but otherwise its all a bunch of meh to me.

One thing I find particularly silly about them is the tendency for seasoned forum members to include their win-tie-loss records in their comment signatures; which to me reeks of posturing and exaggeration. A typical one looks like this:

Chaos: W/D/L: 17/5/3
Tyranids: W/D/L: 4/0/2
Dark Eldar: W/D/L: 8/1/2
Grey Knights: W/D/L: 2/0/1
Dark Angels: W/D/L: 0/0/1

This was from a person running greater daemons (yes two of them) in his 17/5/3 CSM list. I call bullshit.

The second point of note is that the high volume of “wins” from the poster above is not at all unusual for these things. I suspect if someone had software that could aggregate all of these “statistics” we’d discover that only 10% of 40k games have ever been lost.

I know its not the first time someone has lied or exaggerated about something on the internet, but let’s stop already with this nonsense. Who really gives a shit what your record is? Should we actually give someone’s word more weight because they’re claiming a 26-5-2 record with their Mech Eldar? If they’ve got vid-reps to go with it great, but based on their reporting alone I’d be more apt to think they were full of shit about anything they said after that.

Besides, losing games builds character. No, I’m not making an argument for fluff or any of that crap. Rather, I’m stating the obvious: being a good 40k player means playing a lot of games, which means losing a lot of games. I learned more about 5th edition 40k losing my first seven or eight games with my various Eldar builds than I ever had in any of my “good” LGS tourney finishes.

Enough about that.


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