Friday, December 9, 2011

Necron Wargear: Mindshackle Scarabs

Let’s talk about what I feel to be is highly underrated piece of wargear: namely, Mindshackle Scarabs.

What do they do?

MS scarabs allow you to force an opponent have one model test Ld on 3D6 (before the assault begins). If he fails, he will attack himself or his unit D3 times with his own wargear. For you stat majors out there, the average 3D6 roll is 10.5, which means on average you will make a Ld10 enemy character fail. Or as Brian Fantana says, “They say that 60% of the time it works every time.

This ability is nothing to shake a stick at, as it turns an otherwise meh Destroyer Lord into a real problem for your opponent. Thunderbubble Termies? Yes please. Sergeant with a p-fist? Sure, why not. Ork with a power klaw? Ok. Dreadnought? You get the picture.

Add in some whipcoil Wraiths and you have a hot soup of denial.

Incidentally, a Trygon only has Ld8. Not that there’s a lot of lists with these, but I really hate me some Trygons. On a deep and personal level.

The synergy really comes in the fact that you can divert high strength, armor save denying attacks which your opponent needs to defeat the Destroyer Lord against your opponent. Not only are we denying attacks, but we also causing more damage in the process. At 20 pts, this thing is a steal.

That said, I really think this item needs to be run on a Destroyer Lord and not the plain Necron Lords. While they get MS scarabs cheaper, it is still pricey on these models (50% of their cost), and they simply don’t have the stat line to be throwing them into assaults enough to get your money’s worth out of it.


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    1. 15 pts on lord, 20 pts on destroyer lord, pls read codex before comment.