Friday, December 16, 2011

Questions for the Necron FAQ (revised 12/19/11)

This codex seems to have more than the normal amount of rules questions arising from ambiguous writing. I’m going to start collecting a list of them here. Not that I have any pretension of having GW answer them, but for my own reference I figured I’d start writing them down.

I plan on updating this as I think of more things. Feel free to add suggestions in the comments.

1.) Do Crytpeks assigned to units automatically benefit from that unit’s universal special rules or special rules? For example, when a Cryptek armed with an Abyssal Staff is assigned to a unit of Deathmarks, does the Crytpek’s weapon benefit from the 2+ to wound Hunters from Hyperspace rule?

2.) Can a unit of Deathmarks ever conceivably use their Hunter’s from Hyperspace rule more than once per game? For example, if they deployed from a Nightscythe and marked a unit, then re-embarked, and were later forced into reserves due to the Nightscythe’s destruction, could they mark a second unit upon their next deployment?

3.) Spawning scarabs from Spyders and the whole T1 assault thing. Seriously?

4.) When choosing a Royal Court, are players allowed to mix and match Lords and Crypteks within a single HQ choice? For example, may players take one Overlord with a court of 2 Crypteks and 3 Lords?

5.) Can a Chronometron:
a. Be used to influence Imotekh’s rolls, such as his Hyperlogical Strategy and Lord of the Storm abilities?
b. Be used by a model embarked on a ghost ark to reroll a repair roll on the squad he is embarked with?
c. Be used by a model embarked on a Night Scythe and held in reserve in order to manipulate either the reserves roll or a deep strike scatter die?

6.) When working out AV, cover saves, etc. from a secondary hit caused by a tesla arc, do we treat this as if the shot came from the unit originally hit by the tesla shot rather than the Necron unit actually firing the tesla?


  1. Not sure I understand Question 4?

    If you mean can you have lords and crypteks in the same unit, answer yes. The composition is 0-5 Lords, 0-5 Crypteks, and written in the same manner as all mixed units in all 5ed., codexes (See Tactical Squad in Space marine codex, pg. 134)

    If you mean, can you get different 'types' of crypteks in a single unit, it says, "Any number of Crypteks can be upgraded to a single, specific type of Harbinger. Whilst you can have any number of specific Harbingers of a specific type...." so answer: yes.

    The question I have, which just really isn;t answered but will probably get FaQ'd is : Can you put 1 member from 2 different royal courts into one unit, and thusly have 2x crypteks in one unit? RAW seems yes, but this is clearly one of those annoying things you grow to count on, and GW crushes it with a FaQ.

  2. Like your question 2, but more expanded...

    Do Royal Court Members Benefit from any of the special rules of a unit that it becomes a leader of?

    Can they deep strike with deathmarks?

  3. Might be a good option to do what your suggesting and have a Deathmark unit with a Veiled Cryptek + abyssal staff, if the Hunters rules reset. Unfortunately this unit has no effect on vehicles and is thusly to specialized to be great.

  4. #5, RAW, Yes, if they are in the same unit. That expends the roll for that phase.

  5. If Imotekh successfully continues night fight rules, does the subsequent use of a solar pulse in the Necron players turn negate the lightning damage caused in the movement phase?

  6. Doom Scythe
    How does the death ray interact with night fight? Do you pick a point within 12" as the start of the line, then roll night fight to ensure you can see this point, then resolve as normal, or do you pick a point within 12", then roll for the ray's range, then check for night fight to see if the second point is within range?

    Number of hits inflicted by the death ray, is this equal to the number of models partially touched by the ray in that unit or equal to the total number of models in a unit underneath the ray? I've assumed the former, but clarity would be nice. If the former, how wide is the ray - I assume the model will have a suitable "barrel" to base this on?

    If a model with a chronometron is embarked on a ghost ark can the reroll be used to a) reroll a repair roll on the squad he is embarked with, b) reroll a repair roll on squad he is not with?

    If a model with a chronometron is "embarked" on a Night Scythe and held in reserve can the reroll be used to 1) reroll reserves roll, 2) reroll scatter dice?

  7. Tesla Arc
    When working out AV, cover saves etc from a hit caused by a tesla arc do we treat this as if the shot came from the unit originally hit by the tesla shot rather than the Necron unit actually firing the tesla?

  8. Oh, forgot 1; Doom Scythe, can it benefit in anyway from Stalker marking a unit; if it hits a unit which was previously marked as twin linked can it reroll the range dice, or like a twin linked template, can it reroll to wound, or does it gain no benefit?

  9. Some really good ideas here, thanks. Post updated.

  10. Algesan's blog has some good rules commentary as well:

  11. Monolith Eternity Gate as the Dimensional Corridor: "At the start of the Movement phase, choose a friendly unengaged non-vehicle Necron unit on the battlefield or in reserve. That unit immediately phases out from its current position and 'disembarks' from the Monolith's portal. Any models that cannot be placed are removed as casualties, but the move is otherwise treated exactly as disembarking from a vehicle that has moved at combat speed."

    So does the unit in reserve need to make a successful reserve roll to use the Dimensional Corridor or can you simply pull any non-vehicle unit in reserves and portal it through at will?