Sunday, August 7, 2011


So I’ve been on a bit of hiatus from blogging for some time now as I’ve been occupied with taking required classes for my job (boring, don’t ask) and been a bit burned out all things GW. With regard to the latter issue, I will only say that I haven’t fully joined the ranks of GW Hate Squad – their minis are better than ever – but a combination of their ever escalating prices and my own self-inflicted over exposure to 40k has made the time right for a bit of a break.

I’m sure one day the GW candle will once again burn brightly in me, but for now I’ve taken my gaming in some new and exciting directions.

Long story short, I’ve started playing in a regular Dark Heresy game, taken up casual Magic the Gathering, and stared Firestorm Armada. I’ve been enjoying all three of these, and have done so for less money than I would have had I stuck with a pure 40k schedule.

While the DH game is a blast, it probably won’t appear much on this blog, because frankly, retelling role-playing adventures in the third person doesn’t make for great reading.

I may post up some an occasional entry about MTG, but I’m hardly an experienced player and not sure at this point I could add much to the conversation there.

That leaves Firestorm Armanda and some other mini games; and of those, expect to hear more.


Professor Eldritch