Monday, January 16, 2012

Chaos FAQ: DP’s get DP’d

By now everyone has probably heard to the Necron FAQ, which will be discussed later in a post of its own. In addition to this FAQ, GW also updated the existing FAQ’s for almost every other codex out there except Templars and Tau. Guess we know who is top on the list of 2012 releases...

And while I am generally in favor of the Necron FAQ, I can’t help but think someone had it out for the already second-tier CSM list when they cooked up this latest 'adjustment'.

Let’s look at the two biggest changes: the ones that will probably have the broadest effect for the majority of CSM players, and those which will certainly impact my Noise Marine lists directly. And not for the better.


So now it’s officially a psychic shooting power. You already had to draw LOS to use it (reasonable enough), but added to this is the fact that you now have to make a BS check for it to go off. Huge? Maybe not, but it doesn’t add a 14.66% greater chance of failure, and to a list that was already struggling I’d say the change is significant. Frankly, I’m fine with the power being a psychic shooting attack, that makes sense (it does the other way too though), but the timing on this one sucks. It not like CSM have exactly been tearing up the competitive scene, and this change is most certainly going to make CSM less competitive.


This is the one that really gets me. Now instead of rerolling failed to hit and to wound rolls, you have to elect to reroll everything “all or nothing.” So basically, the already mediocre Warptime DPs are even less effective in CC. Talk about fixing something that wasn’t broken in the first place. Its not like Warptime DP could pull down something with a good invul save or high toughness to begin with, or that it could survive a turn in the open if it did kill something. Now they just suck more. And good luck killing things T6 or above. Oh well, I guess you’ll just have to rely on spending your game Lashing things away from you.

Yeah there’s some other stuff effecting 1000 Sons, Abaddon, and Typhus, but frankly these don’t see a lot of play in comp lists these days. One positive note, however, is that dreadnoughts have finally been ruled to have a 45 degree front arc for purposes of Fire Frenzy. This conforms to what I think has been the generally accepted interpretation of this rule, but its nice to have it confirmed in any case. Maybe now I can finish working on those Black Reach conversions that have been sitting in my closet for 2 years now.

Overall, the FAQ is not the end of the world for Chaos, but its definitely a poke in the eye to a list already sort on options.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Red Rod Necrons

Had the day off today, so I decided it was high time to get to painting my army. Thanks to Gun Grave’s advice and a bit of web crawling, I was finally able to get my airbrush back up and running, and to dust the brown undercoated models with a highlight of orange.

From there it was a hand dry brush of blazing orange, followed by boltgun metal. Both of these were used sparingly and generally in raised areas. The chest plate got hit with some cadaver flesh (similar to GW rotting flesh), and then the whole model got a Devlan Mud wash. For the base, I went with a heavy ocre drybrush followed by a light drybrush of Kamado Khaki.

Overall, they’ll do. I’m not planning on putting near the amount of time in these as I did my Noise Marines, as the goal is to knock out a foot list, playtest, and wait for 6th Edition.

Regarding the theme: My vision is to create a desert, junkyard kinda feel to the whole army, with the warriors being the most damaged and rusted and the higher up choices having more color and less wear and tear.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Airbrushing Necrons: Part One

At long last, after weeks of gathering parts and cleaning up an old airbrush I got awhile back, I was able to test it out on my Necron Warriors.

Obviously, this is still a work in progress and I have a lot of learning to do. As a first run however, I'm happy with the results. Some thoughts in no particular order:

1.) Utilize some of the "How To" vids on Youtube for directions and pointers on getting setup. I wish I had bookmarked them as I found them so I could give their sites some traffic. Alas, I forgot.

2.) Airbrushing makes batch painting 40 models (as I did) a breeze, and with just a bit of practice you can get a fairly smooth coating.

3.) If possible, start with paints designed specifically for airbrushes: Everytime I did the paint came out great. Everytime I tried to use a 'regular' mini paint with thinners added it clogged the brush. This is 100% the result of my ineptitude with mixing, but no reason to make a hard start harder.

4.) Don't cheap out on extras likes gloves, masks, solvents, etc. They make painting easier, maintain your expensive equipment, and let's face it: we're already collecting GW stuff.